800 Values No.301~400

341.If you want to lead a perfect life, you must concentrate your efforts on your own intension. Do not try to change others or the world; change yourself first. As you change, so too shall people and the world around you change.



342.We had better deal with our own garbage. No matter whether it is material garbage, spiritual garbage, or soul garbage, the less garbage we make, the more civilized we will be.



343.Lower levels of LIFE serve higher levels LIFE, and all LIVES serve the Greatest Creator.



344.There are 36 eight-diagram tactics in the universe. LIFE has innumerable traps; it is only by escaping from the traps of LIFE that can we enjoy the freedom of LIFE.



345.Continue to die and continue to be newly born, the meaning of LIFE is in it; continue to destroy and continue to create, the meaning of life is in it.



346.The way to reach a more beautiful LIFE space is to pay your debts, end your ties, accumulate merits and virtues in heaven, and perfect your LIFE structure.



347.The most wonderful experience is when your consciousness is in the “zero state”, because it is only then that you can feel everything.



348.A LIFE that closeto death is stiff; a LIFE full of vitality is soft.



349.Be kind to all living beings and they will be kind to us.



350.Nothing is worth  recalling with nostalgia at the cost of LIFE; everything is a flash in the pan, floating smoke, and passing clouds.



351.The most lofty and greatest thing in life is to explore LIFE!

       The most significant thing in life is to research LIFE!

       The most joyful thing in life is to revere LIFE!

       The most peaceful thing in life is to march forward along the trajectory of LIFE!



352.The human body is immune to many diseases; most of them invade us quietly and then imperceptibly disappear. You can ignore them totally, but once you take them seriously, they will entangle with you to the end.



353.The selfless people belong to the Heaven; the selfish people belong to the human world; the most selfish people belong to the hell.



354.From LIFE’s perspective, illusion and reality are the same.



355.When everything is a dilemma and indecisive, it is better to follow  the drive of heart rather than brain analysis.



356.Do not concludethat something does not exist just because you cannot see it. The higher the frequency is at which something resonates, the less visible it is.



357.LIFE is a nonmaterial structure with spirituality.



358.We are made of material flesh and spiritual entity. The flesh is the carrier of LIFE; it will die, but the LIFE it carries will continue.



359.The quality of a LIFE lies in its structure; the more perfectit is, the higher the quality, the better the space, and the greater that LIFE’s freedom will be.



360.The best end-result of LIFE is to live in the back garden of the Greatest Creator – the Celestial Islands Continent.



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Study well and make progress every day.


Such a familiar sentence! Good good study, day day up!


“How big the heart is decides how big the universe will be; how deep the thinking is decides how wide the spaces of life will be”


“Everyone has their own LIFE trajectory; everything is destined. A phenomenon is seemingly wrong, but it is our own thoughts, behavior, and perception that are wrong.”The Greatest Creator is impartial and wise.


“Plant roots wherever you live; treat that place as your home, protect its environment, and create beauty there.”Take things as they come.


The celestials are selfless, so we will go to the heaven.