800 Values No.301~400

361.The purpose of LIFE’s evolution and transmigration is to maintain the dynamic balance between the ethics of the universe and the entire LIFE of the universe.



362.The law of universal gravitation of LIFE :there is mutual gravity among LIVES that are brought together by karma in the universe. The magnitude of this gravity is a direct ratio to the debt that each owes the other but an inverse ratio to the amount of favor that each has done for the other.



363.If one leaves this life with an unrealized wish, then they will be reincarnated into the human world another time.



364. An outline of standards and revelations of the transmigration of LIFE:

  • People with the utmost benevolence will become Buddhas;
  • People with the greatest love will become Super Celestial Beings;
  • People with the greatest happiness will become Deity Celestial Beings;
  • People with the greatest health will become Land Celestial Beings;
  • People with the greatest kindness will become Human Celestial Beings;
  • People with the greatest faith will ascend to nobility;
  • People with the greatest filial piety will return with great dignity;
  • People who have built up their virtues will be wealthy
  • People with impartial minds will return to human world
  • People with muddle-headed, confused minds will fall to the animal world
  • People with indifference will degrade to the plant world
  • People with wicked intentions will sink into the ghost world
  • People who have lorded over and bullied others will be sent to the frozen layers
  • Cruel and intentionally evil people will fall into the inferno level



365.Hell is a general term for the inflamed layer, the frozen layer, and the inferno. A LIFE in hell will generally not enter the human world directly. Insects and many plants belong to another circulation system of LIFE and will generally not reincarnate as humans.



366.Higher levels of LIFE have fewer conflicts with their surroundings; lower levels of LIFE have more conflicts with their surroundings.



367.The core element of a higher levels of LIFE’s consciousnesses is love; high levels of LIVES contain much love in their consciousnesses; low levels of LIVES contain little love in their consciousnesses.



368.Gods and Super Celestial Beings are LIVES personally created by the Greatest Creator. Other LIVES are designed by the Greatest Creator but created by Super Celestial Beings under a God’s leadership.



369.“The law of the jungle” and “The survival of the fittest” from theory of evolution are portrays of  the animal world, but  people do not agree with it.



370.Organ transplantation is not a good thing; its disadvantages outweigh its advantages.



371.Genetic engineering is extremely dangerous because it is likely to create monsters and demons.



372.Biological robots will emerge eventually; they will bring blessings to some people but misfortunes to others.



373.LIVES travel through transmigration and transformation; humansmight ascend to celestial beings, but also degrade animals as well.



374.LIFE has eight secrets; to understand them, you must build your merits and virtuesto exchange.



375.What does not exist in consciousness does not exist in LIFE. Therefore,make the best use of time to expand your space of LIFE. Do not be nostalgic too much for the Human World; it is only a flash in the pan. Try your best to be familiar with the place you yearn for and be a sensible person.



376.The nature of LIFE is soul. The nature of soul is consciousness, so consciousness is LIFE.



377.The more simple the more attention should be paid to things; the closer people are to us, the more they will form the joys and sorrows of our lives.



378.How can a LIFE achieve eternal bliss?   The answer is simple:only self-consistent.



379.Freedom symbolizes heaven, control means hell.



380.We must make full use of our bodies; If we do not, we are rebelling against the Greatest Creator; it would be evil to pray for what our bodies do not have.




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Study well and make progress every day.


Such a familiar sentence! Good good study, day day up!


“How big the heart is decides how big the universe will be; how deep the thinking is decides how wide the spaces of life will be”


“Everyone has their own LIFE trajectory; everything is destined. A phenomenon is seemingly wrong, but it is our own thoughts, behavior, and perception that are wrong.”The Greatest Creator is impartial and wise.


“Plant roots wherever you live; treat that place as your home, protect its environment, and create beauty there.”Take things as they come.


The celestials are selfless, so we will go to the heaven.