800 Values No.1~100

41.Humanity’s tribulation comes from humanity itself. Every individual’s tribulation comes from themselves. The functioning of Tao abides by rigorous logic and order. The equity and impartiality of the Greatest Creator is incarnated in the functioning of Tao. If we can not understand this principle, the tribulation will never end, and the vicious cycle will continue forever.


42.The most important thing in life is not to try one’s best to possess as much material as possible but to manage to change their thinking.


43.Firm faith in the Greatest Creator, believing in Karma, and putting our best into everything we do are the three magic weapons to achieve carefree lives.


44.Time and energy are the diamonds of life which should be inlaid on the crown. Time and energy should be spent on the place and cause that can best embody the value of life.


45.Life is a journey. No matter how many reincarnations we undergo, even if a thousand or ten thousand samsara in the human world, we will still have only one life in the human world if we have lost our memory. We will not know about our previous lives or ones to come and we will not even know the relations between previous lives and future ones with us or their significance. Only people who can clearly understand their past and can see their future are living in a reasonable way. And only such people can turn tragedy into comedy, enter the realm of freedom from the realm of destiny, and fully enjoy the dainties and regales and magnificent demeanors.


46.The nature of the world is illusion. Life was originally an illusion. The question is how long the illusion may last. If we can survive for a thousand years, ten thousand years, or a hundred million years in the illusion, then the illusion will be meaningful. 


47.To be people-oriented, not to be doctrine-oriented or system-oriented.


48.Perfect human nature should meet these eight conditions:
1)Revere the Greatest Creator, God, and Buddha, and respect other people

2)Have no ambition for victory and no desire to fight for superiority

3)Love nature

4)Be modest, trustworthy, and honest

5)Be sympathetic and compassionate

6)Be able to adjust yourself and remain calm no matter whether you are in prosperity or adversity

7)Conform to the laws of nature and do not seek eminence

8)Love life and love labor.


49.A life without direction is blindfolded and a life without values is perplexing. The affliction and misfortune of life lie mainly in the lack of direction and values of life.


50.Life is either like the sun or like reflective material.
If it is like neither, then your life will be completely in the dark and will be as a pile of rotten garbage or a dirty and dark smudge.


51.Everything is but a game. Only the soul is true!Reality is a game. People who are obsessed with it are muddleheaded. People who are happy and pleasant in the game have an awakened consciousness. To own the reality is like the dream of an infatuated person. It is only with a game-playing attitude that you will not miss life.


52.Nothing is of an extraordinary or even a very important matter to life. Only LIFE is important enough to be maintained and cherished. Life is limited and yet LIFE is boundless. Everything in life centers on LIFE and LIFE is the core theme of human life.


53.The universe is holographic and Man is intrinsically blessed with the nature of god, Buddha, celestial, man, beast, and things. The differences in times, environments, family surroundings, educations, and individual efforts have caused some people to succeed in achieving splendid and perfect lives but have caused other people to ruin theirs.


54.A great wish can induce a great life, and a great wish has an incredible effect on life. All who have achieved great results are people with great wishes. Without great wishes, life is like duckweeds that drift with the tides. Without great wishes it is impossible to scale the peaks of life and being.


55.As long as one does not know what will happen after their death, it does not matter what kind of life they lead; an honorable one or humble one. In fact, they are only in a death-bed struggle.


56.The human body runs in a program which is set up with eight miracle subprograms:

2)Being rescued



5)Magic power and art

6)Going crazy

7)Being possessed by the devil

8)In bliss
When conditions are ripe, these eight (8) programs will automatically start up and operate.


57.Life cannot lack belief. Life without belief is contradictory and confusing. It is a life with neither direction nor prospect and one which is doomed to become a tragedy.


58.People who want to confer benefits onto society must live for themselves first, while people who want to sin can live for others!


59.Such a short life decides one’s trend and the future of their LIFE. Every one of our words, actions, ideas, and intentions shape our futures. Our merits and sins are recorded justly every moment of every day and night. What we reject and what we accept are entirely our own choices.


60.The most urgent issues in life are how to elevate the nonmaterial structure of LIFE – its spiritual nature – toward the development of higher LIFE space directions and how to sublimate our personalities and perfect our spiritual natures. None of us know what will happen tomorrow. One certain thing is that our LIFE structures will determine the future LIFE we will have.


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Revere the Greatest Creator, revere LIFE, revere nature, take the Way of the Greatest Creator.


Your avatar is very lovely, dear girl smile


“3.Let everyone live well: the aged, the children, the widowed, the orphans, the disabled; not only ordinary people, but presidents as well; not only the rich, but prisoners in jail as well, even livestock, domestic fowl, and wild animals.”

—— I hope so! Pray for such a day coming soon!


I feel peace and joy in these words. Let eveyone live well. These must be wish from the Greatest Creator.


The best lifestyle for our survival is the way of the Greatest Creator.


Yes, I have seen clear scenes of paradise.


What money can buy is not precious, but what money cannot buy is a treasure.—–let’s find some fun by listing things that of above two category. Money can buy: house, car, food, compay…. Money cannot buy: Sun, life, friendship, love,health, happyiness…..


These values are full of wisdom.thank you!


Make progress every day.(*v*)


“What money can buy is not precious, but what money cannot buy is a treasure.”All treasures are given from the Greatest Creator.

die mofos

you chinese fools have had your souls and FREEDOM destroyed by communism.
now you want to bring this SHITTY CULT TO CANADA?


I believe no one will reject a better world with more peace and joy, no matter he/she is a Chinese, Canadian, American or African….We all are the citizen of this earth, good wishes for the wellbeing of this earth and its children should be encouraged, not criticized.

Wish you joy and peace.


How rude your words are. I think you misunderstood the true meaning of our communism in Lifechanyuan. I hope you can have a patient heart to know more about us. May peace be with you.


Notice what you are saying and it shows how your soul garden is. I feel sorry for you.