800Values No.201~300

 221.Without noble thoughts, we are animals.


222.If your surroundings depress you, then escape; escaping is the best solution to unpleasant surroundings.


223.Ask yourself whether you want to survive or to live; life is worthless if it is only for survival.


224.Beware of the devil sneaking into your mind.


225.Even an excellent person who is inharmonious with the whole will be eliminated; excellent people should  always remain vigilant.


226.Do not expect too much from people; they change.


227.“Trust yourself” is the opinion of ignorant fools.


228.Sneaky hearsay is not good news; messages concerned with spirits, deities, fortunes, and disasters are bad        ones.


229.Beware! Weeds grow wildly on free land. Remember, never overstep.


230Habits, knowledge, and history are the three main hindrances to creation.


231.Rigidthinking is the biggest obstacle to civilization’s progress.


232.Be alert to reality trying to destroy you.


233.In joy, a person can achieve the best state of mind and the most beautiful soul.


234.If you inspire the qualities of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty in your inner world, then a warm and harmonious world will be created.


235.The vastest ocean can accept the most rivers; the most open minds will generate the greatest thoughts.


236.Find and think more about others’ strengths and advantages than about their weaknesses and shortcomings;   think more about your own weaknesses and shortcomings while not flaunting your strengths and advantages.


237.Reality is the projection of one’s own consciousness; transform yourself rather than complaining about   perceived reality.


238.One’s consciousness will determine their life; one’s life will determine their existence.


239.All human contradictions and conflicts arise from energy contentions; even quarrels between married couples   are essentially energy contentions.


240.The more love you release, the more energy you will have; the less you release, the less  you will  have.


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“There is nothing wrong with the world; the faults all lie within us.”

Change ourselves first, then everything will fall into place.


“Labor and creation are the sources of happiness; true happiness comes from unselfish labor and creation.” I really like it.


“There is nothing wrong with the world; the faults all lie within us.”

I really agree with that.


“Difficulties are overcome by easy things; great things are accomplished by the details.”Make progress everyday.