800Values No.201~300

241.Those who grow the fastest have the shortest lifespans; therefore, do not pursue speed in anything and do not  take shortcuts.


242.A person’s quality lies in their details; not only in their words, but also in how they implement their deeds.


243.First impressions are the most real; future meetings rarely uncovermore.


244. What is real is unreal; what is unreal is actually real.


245.The more administrators a collective has, the more complicated things will become and the more oppressed  and exploited the frontline workers will be.


246.The more you possess, the more trouble you will have; something superfluous might cost your life.


247.Some books, some people, and some environments can transform corrupt lives into magical, wonderful ones;   some thinking, some consciousness, and some words can enhance the realms of people and make sages quickly  acquire the qualities of celestial beings; an event or a meeting can change one’s trajectory of life completely.


248.All cognition and experience acquired without personal consideration and comprehension is knowledge;  wisdom is the ability to interpret that knowledge to solve problems.


249.Everything has its limit, and when that limit is exceeded, it will be transformed into something else; therefore,  know the limits.


250.With psychic energy, mountains will flourish with trees, water will brim with fish and turtles, the sky will  produce good weather, the earth will abound with a wide variety of LIFE forms, and people will show endless  charm.


251.Without a good program (system) as the guarantor, good will and dedication will vanish like soap bubbles. This is why having the right life mode is of great importance; moral preaching alone does not work.


252.Avoid those who idle about and have nothing to do; they will weave colorful tales, but come up with no  constructive ideas.


253.Beauty dwells in symmetry and proportion; it also dwells in simple and unsophisticated minds.


254.Every knackis deeper than the sea, so admire craftsmanship.


255.The more that people look up to you, the more important it is to keep yourself humble and sober-minded; the  higher the position you have, the more important it is to remain modest and cautious. Otherwise, you  encourage disaster.


256.Only as the lowest people have dignity, and  a nation has dignity.


257.Those who help others, help themselves; those who harm others, harm themselves; those who cheat others,  cheat themselves. This principle is only understood by people with great wisdom; if you cannot understand this  principle, then you are an ignorant person with a blind soul.


258.The energy level of food is related to the consciousness of the eater; gratitude will maximize it.


259.To be truly noble, you must be humble; the bright road sometimes looks dark and the road leading forward   sometimes curves backward.


260.The more you concentrate on something, the more you will understand it and find something invisible to  others.


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“There is nothing wrong with the world; the faults all lie within us.”

Change ourselves first, then everything will fall into place.


“Labor and creation are the sources of happiness; true happiness comes from unselfish labor and creation.” I really like it.


“There is nothing wrong with the world; the faults all lie within us.”

I really agree with that.


“Difficulties are overcome by easy things; great things are accomplished by the details.”Make progress everyday.