800Values No.201~300


261.For the same goal, the way to achieve the goal is different, the result will be different.


262.The more you contribute, the more you will be paid; your contributions will always be rewarded justly.


263.Never do anything that is not worth doing.


264.Attach more importance to values than to fellowship; in this way, relationships will not cheat you.


265.Meetwhen a predestined relationship begins and separate when it ends; do not mourn or regret the beginnings   and endings of predestined relationships.


266.Say “yes” when the answer is “yes”, and “no” when the answer is “no”; do not say “yes” when it is “no”, or “no” when it is “yes”.


267.Frank and honest relationships expend the least effort to maintain.


268.Ordinary people live ordinary lives; the ordinary life is plain; everything begins with the ordinary; plain is true.


269.To damage, snatch, steal, occupy, or defraud anyone’s property in any way and for any reason is a crime, plain   and simple.


270.Labor and creation are the sources of happiness; true happiness comes from unselfish labor and creation.


271.Everything follows the path of least resistance.


272.A clean person will not be spurned. The cleaner a place is, the less garbage will be added; the dirtier a place is, the more garbage will be added.


273.If you are stubborn in your prejudices and hang on to your miserable existence, then you are like a rotten piece of wood that is incapable of being carved into a great statue; the greatest obstacle to overcome is clinging to  one’s own opinions relentlessly. Afflictions and dread come from unbending consciousnesses.


274.Lack of enthusiasm and passion, one will never taste the delicious world.


275.Those who maintain excellence in everything they do will eventually be rewarded generously; those who slack off will never free themselves.


276.Good players innovate more enjoyable games with their consciousnesses, and play them, while those who are  not good at playingwill be played by illusion.


277.Those who do not play are only machines for eating, tools for working and moving objects, and walking  corpses.


278.Everything is an illusion; only sensations are real.


279.Collectives are the best monasteries in which to dwell and self-cultivate.


280.Sincerity needs to exchange for sincerity; never swap sincerity for dung and dirt.



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“There is nothing wrong with the world; the faults all lie within us.”

Change ourselves first, then everything will fall into place.


“Labor and creation are the sources of happiness; true happiness comes from unselfish labor and creation.” I really like it.


“There is nothing wrong with the world; the faults all lie within us.”

I really agree with that.


“Difficulties are overcome by easy things; great things are accomplished by the details.”Make progress everyday.