800Values No.201~300


281 If we never look back, we will never “hear” the secular noise.


282.Flirtation is beneficial to physical and mental health, to harmony, and to the sublimation of LIFE quality.


283.Never degrade from the noble way in order to satisfy temporary desires.


284.Excessive punishment is injurious to the harmony and stability of society.


285.Open your heart, and joy will flow in.


286.Unless a LIFE serves the Greatest Creator, nature, and other LIVES, it has no value.


287.A gossiper must lead the role of gossiping; one who follows it is an absolute troublemaker.


288.Speak clearly; it is your own fault when you are misunderstood.


289.Those who pry into or compromise other people’s privacy are not good people.


290.Cut down the futility, superfluous words, and useless acts, but inlay the jewels to the crown.


291.Wallowing in the past is tantamount to chronicsuicide. 


292.The crisis of being eliminated always lurks in passivity.


293.The mortal world is deep and endless, just as layers of cobwebs; only those who are able to jump off of it do not  end up as spider goblins.


294.A pitiful man must have something to be hated.


295.It is a man’s shame to be pitied and sympathised by others.


296.Never stop advancing forward until your goal is reached.


297.One must play this game of life with great panache! Life is but a dream and all space-directions are void; to feel  and experience life fully will leave one with no regrets.


298.Decadent consciousnesses weaken one’s power and are searchesfor death.


299.The longest distance between two points is a straight line, the shortest distance is a curved arc; therefore, never  fear mistakes and setbacks.


300.Examine yourself often: “Have I gone the wrong way?”


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“There is nothing wrong with the world; the faults all lie within us.”

Change ourselves first, then everything will fall into place.


“Labor and creation are the sources of happiness; true happiness comes from unselfish labor and creation.” I really like it.


“There is nothing wrong with the world; the faults all lie within us.”

I really agree with that.


“Difficulties are overcome by easy things; great things are accomplished by the details.”Make progress everyday.