800Values No.401~500

421.The positions of materials and non-materials and the spheres of their activities are called space. Space can be positive or negative. The non-material exists in negative space; material exists in positive space. Positive space is determined by the existence and distribution of material; negative space is determined by the existence and distribution of nonmaterial.


422.Space can change an object’s shape and its rules of operation. Space includes natural space and the space of thought. In different spaces, LIFE and objects have different rules of operation and different states of existence. The changes of space cause changes of LIFE in the aspects of physiological mechanisms, modes of thinking, and states of survival. One must change their spaces of activity if they want to change themselves.


423.Nature will offer us corresponding feedback to whatever information we put into it. There are no coincidences in the universe. The occurrences of all phenomena have their corresponding necessary factors. There are no natural phenomena that do not have causes. All necessary factors will inevitably lead to certain results. This is the program and the objective law that are not subject to the will of man.


424.Space can be compressed, expanded, and dissolved.


425.The passageways connecting the 36-dimensional space are called space tunnels.


426.Spaces are vitally important to people. A good space can bring people’s capabilities into full play and make them feel relaxed and happy, while a bad space will oppress human nature and limit their talents, reducing them to mentally and physically fatigued prisoners. Therefore, we should strive to create or enter good spaces and avoid creating or entering bad ones.


427.Time is the recorder of the state of material movement; time is born of movement; without movement, there would be no time.


428.Time has eight great characteristics:

  1. Time is nonmaterial
  2. Time can be negative or positive
  3. Time is particular and universal
  4. Time is a variable.
  5. Time pervades all material space
  6. Time is both longitudinal and latitudinal
  7. Time has different manifestations in different spaces
  8. Time can be compressed, expanded, and dissolved


429.Time tunnels are dense time networks which are composed of positive and negative time and are widely distributed throughout the universe.


430.Time changes everything and everything exists within a specific time. To make an object exist eternally, you must make its time of existence eternal.


431.There is latitudinal time and space in the universe, but time does not exist in latitudinal time and space. In latitudinal time and space, one cannot feel its passage. But insofar as earth time is concerned, several seconds of the latitudinal time and space can be several decades, centuries, or millennia.


432.Our physical bodies are in positive space, but our spiritual entities are in negative space.


433.To break through the bondage of time and space, one needs to have a touch of whimsicality, unconventional thinking, and retroaction.


434.Tao is the commonality of the universe and the core of Tao is the Greatest Creator. Revering the Greatest Creator and following Tao means the perfect and harmonious synchronization of one’s individuality with the universe’s commonality. Only those people who have perfectly and harmoniously unified their individuality with the commonality of the universe have sober minds, and only they will have bright prospects. If you abandon this general principle and direction, then you cannot secure a bright prospect no matter how much you engage in self-cultivation.


435.Nonmaterial is the reaction to material but it does not possess the characteristics of material. All materials pass through the processes of birth, growth, decay, and death, but nonmaterial does not. Everything in the nonmaterial world can miraculously transform in an instant. From the perspective of the ever-existing universe, everything is transient, illusory, and valueless. To obtain eternal existence, one must break away from the control of time, and to do this, one must work hard to master the spiritual entity of LIFE; when all conditions are ripe, success will follow. Once you break through, you will be able to enter latitudinal time and spaceas you like, feel relaxed and happy, and be overwhelmed by unparalleled beauty.



436.It is impossible to understand the nonmaterial world by means of science, intellect, facts, and logical reasoning. The only way to know it is to make one’s consciousnesses enter the nonmaterial world and go there to personally observe it, as when entering a dreamland. We can only understand the nonmaterial world by personally interacting with it. There are two types of nonmaterial worlds; one is the type that is perceived from a time tunnel, and the other is the type that is perceived from a space tunnel. The one that is perceived from a time tunnel is longitudinal and the one that is perceived from a space tunnel is latitudinal. This is to say that to learn about your past or future, you must enter a time tunnel; to know about other nonmaterial worlds existing at this moment, you must enter a space tunnel.


437.If we do not see anything in the material world, it means that our naked eyes have failed; they are covered, closed, or have become blind; if we cannot see anything in the nonmaterial world, it proves that our spiritual eyes have failed, they are covered, closed, or have become blind.


438.The sum of positive and negative energy in the universe is always zero. The total score of wins and losses is always zero. Behind the glory of winners are hidden the bitterness and misery of losers. Therefore, for the sake of other people’s happiness, we should only take what is necessary for us instead of having an insatiable greed for all benefits.


439.Eight dialectics of the universe:

  1. Emptiness is form and the very form is emptiness.
  2. When things are exhausted, they revive. When they end, they begin again.
  3. The small can grow big and detail matters.  
  4. Life and death are the root of one another.  Yin flourishes and Yang will decline.
  5. To have nothing is to have everything and to have everything is to have nothing.  
  6. The mind abides nowhere, the nature shows.  The mind abides somewhere, the nature fades.
  7. Motion and stillness  co-exist. Light and dark are interdependent.
  8. The positive and negative are symmetrical, and the proportion constrains


440.Tao is the consciousness of the Greatest Creator, the blood of the universe, nature, the synthesis of all rules and laws, and is the general programme that governs the operation of everything.



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Curious about the eight forces, will learn more


Glad to see you here, wish every day of your world is like sunshine.


“Anyone who is always happy, joyous, and free is a celestial.”Being a celestial is so easy.


If everything were devoid of its nature, the universe would return to its original state of chaos.—Even people all become perfect, we are still different.