800Values No.401~500

441.Tao has these eight (8) characteristic:

  1. Holographic order
  2. Eternal reliability
  3. Instantaneous detection and response
  4. Lack of interior or exterior and transcendence over time and space
  5. Spirituality
  6. Fairness
  7. Non-sluggishness; immediacy
  8. Elusiveness, yet substantiality


442.The realization of everything represented by Tao is expressed in form. Without form, Tao would be difficult to materialize. Form is the embodiment of Tao, but is by no means Tao itself. In the same way, the cells in our bodies are our embodiments, but they are not us.


443.Tao exists in everything; everything exists in Tao; Tao is ONE. The bulky universe has only one consciousness, that of the Greatest Creator, which is represented by the way of Tao.


444.The attributes of Tao have no contradictions. If one has conflicts with others, then that person has not followed their Tao; if there are conflicts within groups, then those groups have not follow their Tao.


445.The operation of Tao begins with minor details, continues in dribs and drabs, and consummates in both profound and subtle, but there is no trick to it.


446.Zen is the best approach through which one can receive the enlightenment of Tao. Any other approaches can be described by words; only Zen can be perceived with soul. Understanding the truth of Zen does not require formal education, because heaven, earth, and all phenomena are all “books”. We can read the books of heaven, earth, and all phenomena, the “book without words”, at all times whether we are awake or asleep.


447.One thing is eternal: from the remote past to the distant future, it has been committing itself silently; its semblancecan change at any time, but its essence always remains the same, in the past, the present, and in the future; as long as we are willing to rely on it, we always can, and this is how we can settle for LIFE. It is Tao; the embodiment of the consciousness and the soul of the Greatest Creator; by entrusting our lives to the care of Tao, we are entrusting them to the care of the consciousness and soul of the Greatest Creator.In one word, we must do exactly that.


448.Without use, entities are of no avail. This is a big mystery. This profound thought means that the realizations of all entities are exhibited by their “use”. To obtain an entity, one must spend time and effort on their “use”. Without “use”, no entity will be obtained. It is only by exhibiting our “use”, that we can achieve Tao, because the value of thing lies in its “use”. Without use, one cannot obtain an entity.


449.The values of things lie in their use. The functions and values of Tao are embodied completely in use. The greater and the more the use, the greater the value. All objects in the universe exhibit their value through their uses. As far as we are concerned, the more uses one has or the greater use one has, the greater value they will have and the greater realization they will have. Therefore, they will be more likely to endure. We cultivate ourselves to expand our uses. The more useful we are, the greater achievements we will obtain in cultivation.


450.The characteristic of Tao is holographic order. Chaos is the phenomenon of holographic order; holographic order is the essence of chaos. Actually, 99.9999% of people see the chaos, but one in a million perceive the holographic order. Jesus, Sakyamuni, and Lao Tzu were great because they understood the holographic order rather than just the chaos. The perception of chaos is narrow-sensed, unilateral, local, and linear, while the perception of holographic order is broad-sensed, comprehensive, integrated, and nonlinear.


451.To learn from Tao, one must learn from everything in nature, from the mirror, and from children; to achieve Tao, one must forget themself and faithfully reflect the truth and facts. Those who have achieved Tao are like mirrors which reflect everything truthfully, including the endlessly changing outside world; they do not distort facts or scenes. One who has no self but faithfully reflects the truth and the facts is one who has achieved Tao.


452.The pursuit of various arts is a small matter, but the pursuit of Tao is an important matter. It is easy to acquire and learn art but extremely difficult to achieve Tao. Do not fall into and get stuck in the traps of arts because arts are endless. The search for arts cannot be completed in a century of millenia, so let us rush directly to the headstream – Tao.


453.It is difficult to reach heaven, but more difficult to understand oneself; difficult to pursue Tao, but more difficult to confront oneself truthfully.


454.Neither chickens nor dogs will follow you into paradise as a result of your acquisition of Tao; neither friends nor relatives can become celestial beings by shadowing your success in achieving that goal. Everyone must achieve Tao through their own efforts.


455.Our cultivation should be concentrated on the perception, pursuit, acquisition, and practice of Tao, and we must never be infatuated with exploits, magic, arts, or ceremonies. We should pay attention to meanings, rather than appearances and forms. The core of cultivation is to perfect the nonmaterial structure of LIFE rather than to obtain wisdom, extrasensory perception, and psychokinetic powers. We should concentrate our thoughts and efforts on our transformation of consciousness, instead of on sitting cross-legged and practicing our skills.


456.The perception, pursuit, verification, acquisition, and maintenance of Tao is the road to the sublimation of LIFE.

  • The perception of Tao means to understand, by observing the endless variety of phenomena in the boundless universe, the laws and rules that govern the operation of the universe, the origin of all things and phenomena, the principles of the operation of LIFE, and the secrets and profound mysteries of the universe, of time and space, and of LIFEand being.
  • The pursuit of Tao is to establish one’s own outlook on the world, LIFE, being, and values, on the basis of the perception of Tao.
  • The verification of Tao is to constantly validate through one’s practices whether the outlooks on the world, life, being, and values are correct and conform to the laws and procedures of the evolution of Tao.
  • The acquisition of Tao means that one understands the secrets and profound mysteries of the universe, time and space, and LIFE and being, and has established unshakable correct views on the world, LIFE, being, and values.
  • The maintenance of Tao means that one will self-improve, self-refine, and behave according to the views on the world, LIFE, being, and values that one has established, and will stick to their faith and belief no matter how the world may change, what great events have happened in the vicinity, whether they are in favorable circumstances or in adversity, and no matter how great a temptation with which they are faced. They will remain resilient and strong even after going through endless batterings of hurricanes from every direction, and remain seated on the fishing boat, unaffected by the surging stormy waves.Jesus’ teaching that, “one who has the greatest endurance will be saved”, is the cornerstone meaning of maintaining Tao.


457.Tao’s effect on the practical world is huge and grand; the track of the world’s movements follow it absolutely. Tao is immeasurable and inexpressible; it arouses all phenomena of the world, although it is absolutely immeasurable; it gestates and creates the universe, although it is absolutely inexpressible; it is far-reaching and dark, but the smallest micro hypostasis that creates the world has come from it. The smallest micro hypostasis is true and can be proven authentic. Tracing from ancient times through today, we see that Tao has always existed, and can explore the genesis of the universe through Tao. How can I know the status of the genesis of all things? I study it through the principles of Tao.


458.“10-9=Tao”  Tao has intricate layers of meanings. However, when reduced to a nutshell, it is simply the law and the order; the one. For us, the meaning of “10-9=Tao” is to cast away the numerous and complicated matters in life and concentrate all our efforts onto one thing: to thoroughly, intensively, and completely attend to one matter is to obtain everything from it that we need. That is to say, as long as we stick to ONE, we will be connected to Tao. Undivided attention, whole-hearted devotion, total commitment, and perseverance are the embodiment of “10-9=Tao”. As long as we are capable of this, there is nothing that we cannot achieve; constant water drops wear away hard stones, sawing will cut wood into halves, the pedicles will come off naturally when the melons are ripe, and a channel will be formed when the water arrives.


459.Who can change the program of the evolution of Tao? We can neither change it, nor should we attempt to do so. What we need to do is escape from the traps of LIFE. Those who cannot save themselves cannot save others. Can the poverty-stricken offer financial help to others? Can the imprisoned help other prisoners to escape from their cells? Those who have fallen into a trap should first find a way to escape by their thoughts and consciousnesses. As long as you are awake spiritually and sober mentally, you can escape from the traps of LIFE, step by step.


460.UltimateTao cannot be reached by active pursuit. Great Tao has no feelings. Tao would not help you if you were poor and pathetic; it would not punish you if you were rich and powerful. The only measure of rewards or punishment is to see whether or not you are following Tao. If you are, then you will be rewarded; if not, you will be punished.



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