800Values No.401~500

461.What if you are not in an ideal environment?

  • You may actually refine yourself by immersing yourself in the world of laities
  • You may keep yourself aloof from worldly affairs by involving yourself with them
  • You can accomplish your wishes by your devotion
  • You may make yourself outstanding from the ordinary by following the steps of the ordinary.


462.Anyone who is always happy, joyous, and free is a celestial.


463.To become a celestial, one must finish all worldly ties and foster new ones with celestial beings. It is hard to be a celestial being while still engaging in worldly ties.


464.Let our minds abide nowhere, but follow what is predestined and be unrestrained.“You must just enjoy your life no matter where you are or what you are doing.”


465.You must do three things in the process of transforming from human to celestial:

  1. Pay back your debts and finish you worldly ties
  2. Accumulate your merits and virtues
  3. Purify your nonmaterial structure


466.Fame, power, wealth, and rank are traps. Glory and favor, as well as humbleness and humiliation are obstacles. Only with the least amount of selfish desire and indifference to favor and humiliation, can one embark on the road to celestial immortality. The lack of selfish desire is the starting point toward becoming a celestial being. If selfishness is not banished, one will be bound to live as a laity, and if their desires are not extinguished, then they may be engulfed by the fires of desire. To become a celestial being, one must decrease their selfishness, weaken their desires, and keep a sober mind in the face of fame, power, and carnal pleasure; never be enslaved by material but use it as you will.


467.To become a celestial, one must be detached from worldly affairs and withdrawn from worldly pursuits. There is only one word to describe the secular world: restless; there is only one word to depict the human world: noisy; there is only one word to portray fairylands: serene. Transcendence over worldly affairs means a great leap from restlessness and noise to a return to serenity.


468.Every type of LIFE structure lives in its corresponding space. Animals scurry about on the ground, birds soar in the sky, bees buzz among the flowers, flies dash to and fro between garbage piles, laities hustle and bustle in private ownership and having families, sages wander freely in public ownership, celestials loiter in non-ownership, and fairies follow their own inclinations in their own world.


469.One of the requirements for attaining a celestial being status is to be able to perceive the future fairyland in our consciousnesses. We must first imagine ourselves as celestial beings in our consciousness; “Different modes of thinking correspond to different modalities of LIFEforms”. If we always envision life in the Thousand-year World, then the structures of our LIVESwill develop toward that end in the long run, and we will go to the Thousand-year World when the conditions become right. Others may think that you are dead, but you will actually have departed the human world to enjoy a celestial being’s life in the Thousand-year World.


470.Buddhism has theories of “five monastic precepts and ten kindnesses”, and of “precepts, calmness, and wisdom”, Christianity has theories of original sin and penance, and human ethics has theories of rules governing human relationships. The theories of celestial immortality preach the exposition of nature, freedom, and pleasure, following predestined relationships, freedom from restraint, and peripateticism.


471.When we are tired and fatigued, then we have strayed from the Celestial way; when we are happy and unrestrained, then we are closer to the Celestial way.


472.Swine must know the thinking of swine keepers to know the meaning of their lives; people must know the thinking of their keeper to know the meaning of their lives; anyone who knows the meaning of their life has become celestial.


473.To become a celestial being and achieve celestial immortality, one must strive to find the “spiritual pure land”, and they must plan their life around it, spread their love across the world, and pool in effort to the new era.


474.Eight major consciousnesses are involved in the process of advancing from the human world to heaven; namely, from stagnating in a human life to achieving a celestial one:

  1. Consciousness of LIFE. LIFE is a nonmaterial structure of spirit; it undergoes endless transmigrations without annihilation.
  2. Consciousness of life and Death. Life and death are only superficial phenomena, not essences; only forms, not roots. “Boundless grasses across the plain come and go with every season; wildfires never quite consume them, they are tall once more in the spring wind”. When your boat reaches the other shore, you should disembark and forget about it.
  3. Consciousness of Karma. “As a man sows, so he shall reap”;”Divine punishments, though slow, are always sure.”
  4. Consciousness of Space. There are twenty (20) parallel worlds in the universe, thirty-six (36) dimensional space, and paradises and hells. Paradises are for perfect souls; hells are for defective ones. There are different spaces of LIFE for different life states.
  5. Consciousness of Predestined Relationships. All relationships are predestined. Relationships with ghosts will drop one to hell; relationships with celestial beings will raise one to a fairyland. If one’s debts are not paid off, they cannot escape their obligations, and if one does not have enough merits and virtue, they cannot reach a fairyland.
  6. Consciousness of Mind and Nature. Reality is a projection of consciousness; consciousness creates reality. Phenomena arise from minds and minds transcend all phenomena. “Minds are the most important of the Three Realms, and consciousness is the most important of all rules.” Fragrances will attract butterflies to flowers and pure hearts will be frequented by celestial beings. Minds that do not abide anywhere are Tathagata. Nature is the characteristic of structure, and nature is Buddha.
  7. Consciousness of Magical Arrays. The universe has thirty-six (36) magical arrays, and they are the sources of games. They are full of fun. For example, power, money, fame, gain, carnal pleasure, and sentiment are magical arrays from which no one can detach themself once they become entrapped. Only after one has acquired supreme Authentic Wisdom, can they transport themself outside the samsara world of endless transmigrations.
  8. Consciousness of the Real Self. Everything has its source; its real self. Consciousness, structure, and energy are the three constituent elements of the universe. All others are “as a dream, an illusion, a bubble, a shadow; as dew and lightning. Thus, should you meditate upon them”. Buddha and the Greatest Creator are the sources of everything and therefore, the real self. Understanding the Greatest Creator and following Way of the Greatest Creator, will lead you to find any of the eighty-four thousand (84,000) Buddhist gates (ways) which lead to smooth paths. If you do not understand the Greatest Creator and follow Way of the Greatest Creator, the eighty-four thousand (84,000) Buddhist gates (ways) will lead to cliffs.


475.How does one become enlightened? If you can cultivate a righteous body and mind, a true spirit and soul will abide within them, and great capabilities and virtues will arise from them. If you do not have the wish of a Great Vehicle, then you will find it impossible to understand the profundity of the universe and to achieve this consciousness. If you can stick to and keep “universality”, have no self or selfish desire, revere the Greatest Creator, LIFE, and nature wholeheartedly, follow Way of the Greatest Creator, and devote your heart and soul to the creation of a reality in which “the talented will be put to good use, and the whole world will be one family”, in which “no one would pocket anything found on the ground, and doors are not bolted at night”, and in which everything is in harmony, the weather is perfect, and everyone is happy, joyous, free, and blessed, then the light of your soul will become brighter and brighter and your consciousness will become clearer and clearer and you will finally become enlightened.


476.If conditions are not ripe, the program cannot initiate. One cannot ascend to a celestial being if their self-improving and self-refining has not achieved the necessary ideal status.


477.Heaven is the general term for the Thousand-year World, the Ten-thousand-year World, and the Elysium Celestial Islands Continent.


478.The Thousand-year World, the Ten-thousand-year World, and the Elysium Celestial Islands Continent are not fanciful imaginations. They are an inevitability caused by the law that the sum of positive and negative energies are always zero, just like the inevitable existence of Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the outer planets in our solar system or the inevitable existence of our seven apertures, hair, limbs, and all of our human internal organs.


479.The Thousand-year World is a celestial body 960 light years away from the Earth. About ten times the size of the Earth, it is currently inhabited by approximately 200 million people. Because the basic life span of LIFE (celestial being) on this celestial body is about 1,000 years (in relation to Earth time), it is called the Thousand-year World. It is a pure world of sincerity, kindness, and beauty; one of love, peace, pleasure, and a place of sublime human nature. Undoubtedly, anyone with a perfect human nature can go there, as there is no limitation on the number.


480.The Ten-thousand-year World is a beautiful celestial body located 3,480 light years away from the Earth. It is sixteen (16) times bigger than the Earth and is surrounded by sixteen (16) suns arranged at equal distances. About 100 million celestial beings live there. The basic characteristics of these celestial beings are pretty much the same as those of land celestial beings described by Taoism. They enjoy life spans of about 35 thousand years, and thus this celestial body is called the Ten-thousand-year World.




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Curious about the eight forces, will learn more


Glad to see you here, wish every day of your world is like sunshine.


“Anyone who is always happy, joyous, and free is a celestial.”Being a celestial is so easy.


If everything were devoid of its nature, the universe would return to its original state of chaos.—Even people all become perfect, we are still different.