800Values No.401~500

481.The Elysium World is the general term for the Paradise universe (the universe inhabited by man is a small one that is called the Earth universe). The Paradise universe is so called in relation to other universes. The structure of the Paradise universe is a Taiji ellipsoid which is called the Law-Rotary Galaxy. Law- Rotary Galaxies contains three thousand (3,000) the Rotary-River Galaxies, each Rotary- River Galaxy contains three thousand (3,000) Milky-Way type Galaxies, and each Milky Way type system contains three thousand (3,000) Solar systems. In other words, the Elysium World is composed of three thousand macro worlds, nine million medium worlds, and twenty-seven billion small worlds.


482.The Elysium Celestial Islands Continent is the backyard of the Greatest Creator. It has 80 billion islands, each the size of the Earth. Each island has a name. There is only one celestial being living on each island. Apart from the 30 billion islands that have been used by celestial beings as their homestead, the remaining 50 billion islands are not currently inhabited by any celestial beings. They are to be inhabited by people from the human world, the Thousand-year World, and the Ten-thousand-year World as they succeed in transforming themselves into celestial beings through self-cultivation and self-refinement to the highest level.


483.The Elysium World has ten continents:

  1. The Lotus Continent
  2. The Borneo Continent
  3. The Kasyapa Continent
  4. The Yingwu Continent
  5. The Amita-Buddha Continent
  6. The Celestial Islands Continent
  7. The Three Worlds, Two-way Continent
  8. The Moon Temple Continent
  9. The Gods Continent
  10. The Supreme Authentic Wisdom Continent.

 The Celestial Islands Continent is one of the continents of the Elysium World.


484.Super Celestial Beings are the highest realm that humans can attain. The base camp of celestial beings is on the Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium World.

  • Hostess Yu’e, of Xuefeng Island on Celestial Islands Continent is a Super Celestial Being
  • Guanshiyin, the revered Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, is a Super Celestial Being
  • Angels in western culture are Super Celestial Being

Super Celestial Beings are Buddha. The difference is that Buddha has certain restraints, while Super Celestial Beings do not. Buddha has responsibilities but Super Celestial Beings do not. The greatest characteristic of Super Celestial Beings is that they can play in whatever way they think is most interesting. After Buddhahood is attained, there are still higher realms awaiting, but after becoming a Super Celestial Being, there are none to pursue. Super Celestial Beings mainly engage in self-entertainment and do not care for affairs in heaven or the human world. Buddha does not pursue entertainment and is not obsessed with momentary relaxation, but focuses on the acquisition of supreme authentic wisdom. Super Celestial Beings are the freest, most pleasant, and happiest LIFE in the universe. As the favorites of the Greatest Creator, they do not undertake any responsibilities or obligations. Buddha is the most intelligent and self-disciplined LIFE in the universe. When necessary, Buddha will bear responsibilities and obligations.


485.Heaven is for happy and joyous people. It is not for those who are weighed down by worries. The longer the time of one’s happiness and pleasure, the better and more stable the nonmaterial structure of one’s LIFE becomes and the closer their LIFE will be to paradise.


486.To obtain a visa to the Thousand-year World, the Ten-thousand-year World, or the Elysium World, one must give up their ego and enter a holographic state. The abnegation of ego is not “Sustain justice and extinguish humanly desire” as advocated by Confucianism in China, nor is it a rivalry against “the realization of individual value” as advocated by American culture, rather the abnegation of the self means the abjuration of obstinate belief in oneself. If you are convinced that your own cognition is completely right and immaculate, then you may be correct in every step along your way, but finally go astray into illusive thinking and never be able to walk out of the desert of LIFEand the “Cave of Silken Web” of transmigration.


487.Heaven, be it the Thousand-year World, the Ten-thousand-year World, or the Elysium World, is a world of liveliness and recreation. And this is particularly true of the Celestial Islands Continent. If you are not good at or have no intention of having fun, then why do you self-improve and self-refine to enter the land of heaven? Do you want to be a police officer in heaven? Let me tell you, there are no police, lawyers, judges, director generals, section chiefs, or supervisors there.


488.People who cannot dream of a colorful dreamland will be unable to enter heaven, so as long as you often see green mountains and clear rivers, gentle breezes and bright sunshine, and delightful auspiciousness pervading everywhere in your dreams, then you have taken a glimpse of the Thousand-year-world. If you always dream of wonderful and fantastic places, soaring in the sky, feeling extremely marvelous in your mental, spiritual, and physical blending with the opposite sex, and you do not have the slightest fear or trepidation, then you have received indications that you can go to the Ten-thousand-year World. If you dream that you can make yourself invisible, soar freely, transform yourself at will, and make places change according to changes of your own consciousness, then this indicates that you can enter the Elysium World.


489.To aim for heaven, you must climb two huge mountains, one is the man-made program, and the other is the “Egypt of the Soul”.

  • The man-made program includes family, nationality, state, religion, political party, the existing order, and the lifestyle of human society. To enter heaven, you must walk out of this program of necessity. You cannot reach heaven if you do not escape from this program.
  • The Egypt of the Soul includes jealousy, comparison, complaining, arrogance, wrath, possessiveness, forced occupation, enmity, tenets and doctrines, commandments and dharma, contention, avarice, laziness, and intentional action. If you do not clear away this trash in your soul, then you cannot reach heaven.

So please abandon the human program, flee from your “Egypt of the Soul”, break your chains, and run toward freedom.


490.How can we accumulate wealth in the land of heaven? Here are eight (8) ways:

  • Revere the Greatest Creator, revere LIFE, revere nature, and follow the Way of the Greatest Creator.
  • Unselfishly spread your love.
  • Dissolve enmity, and bring serenity, peace, and warmth to others.
  • Have a kind heart and do good deeds.
  • Sing praises to the Greatest Creator, Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, celestial being Lao Tzu, the prophet Mohammed (PBUH), and the sages and saints from throughout history, to life and other people, and sing praises to and protect nature.
  • Promote people’s confidence in life, prompt people to long for beautiful futures, and eliminate people’s anxieties, worries, trepidations, and fears.
  • Bloom one’s affectionate and romantic love in ways that do not bring any psychological, spiritual, or physical harm or stress to anyone else.
  • Fully exhibit one’s aesthetic skills.


491.Heaven does not accept childish or immature people, but neither does it accept adults who do not behave like children, nor mature childlike adults. People’s traditional lifestyle has hindered them from growing up. Many people are still immature and cannot become “ripe crops”, even though they are well into their advanced years. This is something that provokes our thought. “Ripe crops” are certainly children who have grown up and matured; if you have not done so, then you will absolutely not enter heaven.


492.To enter the Thousand-year World, one must meet the following eight requirements:

  1. Revere and firmly believe in the Greatest Creator, and always be grateful to the Greatest Creator
  2. Revere LIFEand nature
  3. Possess no jealousy, resentment, greed, persistence, selfishness, or complaints against others
  4. Never hinder other people’s happiness or freedom under any pretense or excuse
  5. Have a kind heart, be kind to others in behavior, action, and word
  6. Be honest, practical and realistic, and truthful; never cheat or lie
  7. Work hard, but keep the living and surrounding environment clean, tidy, beautiful, and harmonious
  8. Keep all promises and agreements


493.To enter the Celestial Islands Continent, one must achieve the status of a Super Celestial Being; to achieve the status of Super Celestial Being, one must possess the LIFE structure of a Super Celestial Being. Self-consistencyis one of the eight characters necessary for the LIFE structure of Super Celestial Beings. Self-consistency refers to a self-formed complete system, which is defective of nothing, runs in good coordination and congruity, and satisfies what it needs without relying on anything outside of itself. Self-consistency is Tathagata, with no form of ego, other people, other beings, age, dharma, or non-dharma. Self-consistency is trance, obscurity, the subtle, male and female, yin and yang, and Taiji.


494.How can we cultivate the character of self-consistency? Here are eight (8) ways:

  1. Create millions of images and dharma within your mind;namely, “create reality with consciousness”
  2. Life is death, death is life, glory is disgrace, and disgrace is glory;show no concern for life, death, glory, or disgrace; possess strength but retain gentleness; know and observe all, but remain obscure
  3. Emptiness is form, and form is emptiness;consciousness returns to the state of zero, and the soul returns to the spiritual pure land
  4. Everything is but a game, only soulis true, so do not persist in anything
  5. You own everything when you own nothing, transcend over time and space, and maintaina powerful and unconstrained style
  6. Follow your own nature, and be unrestrained;follow predestined relationships, and be carefree; follow your destiny
  7. Maintain holographic order with no interiors orexteriors, no borders or boundaries, no rights or wrongs, no truths or falsities, and no kindness or wickedness
  8. Make the “real”, illusive and dreamlike;make the “illusive”, reasonable


495.There is neither oppression nor exploitation in heaven; all those who want to enter heaven through self-improving and self-refining must make certain that they do not contend with others, oppress or exploit others, bring unhappiness or unpleasantness to others in any way under any pretense, restrict others’ freedom in any way, impose their own ideas and views on others, or cause any spiritual, mental, or physical harm to others.


496.If you have a clear conscience, have repaid the favors of nature and your parents for your upbringing, and do not owe any debts to any people, animals, ornature, then you can march toward heaven in your next life. If you have eliminated from your consciousness the concepts of families, nationalities, states, political parties, and religions, if you like freedom, non-restraint, happiness, and joy, have repaid all debts in the human world and have built your merits and virtues, then you can enter the Thousand-year World of paradisein your next life. If you often dream of soaring freely and can maintain a state of pleasure without sexual contact, then you can enter the Ten-thousand-year World of paradise in your next life. If you possess the consciousness of Buddha, you will enter the corresponding Elysium World in your next life. If you revere the Greatest Creator, LIFE, and nature, follow the Way of the Greatest Creator, possess supernatural power, and can create the world you yearn for, then you will undoubtedly enter the Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium World.


497.Three steps are required to become a celestial being.

  1. One must step out of trouble, pain, sorrow, worry, and fear, and live a happy, joyous, free, and blessed life.
  2. One’s mind mustnot abide anywhere, must follow predestined relationships and be carefree, must follow their destiny, and can maintain a condition of pleasure
  3. They are not constrained by heart forms, everything is nature and they live in nature, are flexible, accommodating, and agile, and possess sixty-four (64) kinds of magical powers, are easy and self-harmonious, are in a state of free from ego and form, and have become fully synchronized with Tao.


498.Becoming a Super Celestial Being and reaching the Elysium World is to reach the peak of LIFE. Man cannot become god and cannot ever become the Greatest Creator.


499.Everyone is always pursuing Tao. Tao is actually not very far from us and it will not abandon us. Tao surrounds us as water surrounds fish. Tao exists in our everyday lives and in everything. Tao also exists in changing all phenomena. Going with the flow of Tao means that you have attained it; letting yourself melt into Tao and having Tao manage your life means that you have attained it.


500.Everything in the universe moves with Tao, including the behaviors of governments. Therefore, do not complain or get upset or enraged, just do what you need to do. If you choose to plant a flower, that is your business; if the government chooses to destroy your flower, that is their business. Ultimately, Tao gives everyone fair and just trials.

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Curious about the eight forces, will learn more


Glad to see you here, wish every day of your world is like sunshine.


“Anyone who is always happy, joyous, and free is a celestial.”Being a celestial is so easy.


If everything were devoid of its nature, the universe would return to its original state of chaos.—Even people all become perfect, we are still different.