800Values No.701~800

721.In the New Era, the interests of all humankind are above those of the local and of the individual. Personal and local interests should be subjected to the interests of all humankind.


722.Let the talented bring their genius into full play and make the best use of everything; let everyone work and have shelter.


723.Sages manage affairs without action and preach doctrine without words.


724.Exalt not the wise so that people shall not scheme and contend.


725.Prize not rare objects so that people shall not steal.


726.Shut out of site things of desire so that people’s hearts shall not be disturbed.


727.Banish wisdom, discard knowledge; banish humanity, discard justice; banish cunning, discard utility.


728.Tao’s principles operate naturally. Renounce all ethical sermons.


729.Accomplish but claim no credit.


730.Sages love:

  • In their dwellings, they love the earth
  • In their hearts, they love the profound
  • In their relations with others, they love kindness
  • In their words, they love sincerity
  • In government, they love peace
  • In business affairs, they love ability
  • In their actions, they love choosing the right time

731.When gold and jade fill your hall, you will be unable to protect them;

To be proud with wealth and honor is to sow the seeds of your own downfall.

Retire when your work is done; such is the way of Tao.


732.By the existence of things, we profit; by the non-existence of things, we are served.


733.Those who value the world as themselves may then be entrusted with the government of the world; those who love the world as themselves may then be entrusted to care for the world.


734.Those who identify will be welcomed gladly:

  • Those who identify with Tao will be welcomed gladly by Tao
  • Those who identify with virtue will be welcomed gladly by Virtue
  • Those who identify with abandonment will be welcomed gladly by Abandonment
  • Those who identify with Satan will be welcomed gladly by Satan


735.Good ones need nothing:

  • Good runners leave no tracks
  • Good speeches leave no flaws for attack
  • Good reckoners make use of no counters
  • Well-shut doors make use of no bolts yet cannot be opened
  • Well-tied knots make use of no rope yet cannot be untied

Sages are good at helping people; therefore no one is rejected. They are good at saving things; therefore no thing is rejected.


736.The world is God’s own Vessel

  • It cannot be used or held
  • Those who useit spoil it
  • Those who hold it lose it


737.The Sage eschews excess, eschews extravagance, eschews pride.


738.Those of superior virtue are not conscious of their virtue; hence, they attain it. Those of inferior virtue are intent on not losing their virtue; hence, they are devoid of it.


739.Do not discuss in a higher presence:

  • In the presence of Tao, do not discuss virtue
  • In the presence of virtue, do not discuss benevolence
  • In the presence of benevolence, do not discuss righteousness
  • In the presence of righteousness, do not discuss courtesy(Courtesy mainly refers to rules, laws, and regulations.)


740.There is no greater curse than the lack of contentment and no greater sin than the desire for possession.



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