800Values No.701~800

741.When governments are lazy and dull, their people are unspoiled;

when governments are efficient and smart, their people are discontented.

Good fortune lies within Bad, Bad fortune lurks within good.


742.The Tao of heaven blesses but does not harm; the Way of the Sage accomplishes but does not contend.


743.In the New Era, everyone needs health-cultivation to be free from disease. Health-cultivation needs the cultivation of essence, qi, spirit, and body. Before health cultivation, we need mind cultivation; before mind cultivation, we need virtue cultivation; before virtue cultivation, we need to enter Tao. Those who are good at health-cultivation can offer preventative treatments for diseases:

  1. Less speech nourishes the internal qi
  2. Forgetting anxiety and stress nourishes the spirit qi
  3. Mild taste nourishes the blood qi
  4. Avoiding anger nourishes the lung qi
  5. Eating sparingly nourishes the stomach qi
  6. Less thought nourishes the liver qi
  7. Less desire nourishes the heart qi
  8. Less lust nourishes the essence qi

Before you can cultivate your body, you first must calm your mind and be free from worry, persistence, delusion, lust, greed, and indulgence. Settle your inner spirit down while keeping your desire out.


744.What affects us?

  • Fasting will cause you to lose weight
  • Freedom from lust will clear your spirit
  • Freedom from anxiety and stress will put your heart at peace
  • A peaceful heart will lead to spiritual perception and to achieveTao
  • A troubled heart will leave you exhausted
  • Excessive physical exertion will leave you timid
  • Being too spiritual will make you weak
  • Expending too much qi will finish you
  • Being free from anxiety and stress will give you good spirit
  • Speak less, and your qi will be good
  • Be free from lust, and your essence will be sufficient
  • Meat-eaters have thick auras, plant-eaters have clean auras, grain-eaters are wise, and qi-eaters are invigorated.


745.How do things affect qi?

  • Anger drives qi up
  • Joy smoothens qi
  • Sadness eliminates qi
  • Fear lowers qi
  • Coldness restrains qi
  • Heat allows qi to escape
  • Shock scatters qi
  • Overexertion expends qi
  • Thinking blocks qi
  • Silence generates qi
  • Watching for too long hurts the blood
  • Lying in bed for too long hurts qi
  • Sitting for too long hurts the flesh
  • Standing for too long hurts bones
  • Walking for too long hurts muscles


746.Eat sparingly, sleep regularly, do not overwork or overuse your mind or body. Those who fear and think will harm their spirits, but those who are happy and joyous will not preserve theirs; those who are sorrowful will block their flow of qi; Those who are angry will be confused but will not be cured;those who are scared will not restrain and quiet their spirits.


747.Keeping calm and indifferent to fame and gain will prevent misery from approaching and evil from invading,strengthening your bones and muscles will keep your body healthy,reducing your cravings will preserve your spiritual health, and talking less will maintain your blessings sufficiently. Guard your eyes from improper sights, your ears from improper words, your nose from foul odors, your mouth from strong flavors and poison, and your mind from considering deceptive actions.


748.When you love someone, do not love them too much; when you hate someone, do not hate them too much. Keep fewer thoughts in your mind, fewer words in your mouth, less food in your stomach, and get less sleep at night. Excessive sleep makes your spirit dizzy, frequent drunkenness makes your qi scatter, excessive sweating hurts the blood, and exhaustion of strength damages the body.Moving continuously without resting disturbs your qi and frightens your spirit. Ascending to extreme heights causes serious shocks.


749.Remain undisturbed whether granted favouror subjected to humiliation, and your liver will be peaceful; Keep deferential and grateful whether in stillness or motion, and your heart will be calm; eat sparingly, and your spleen will not leak; practice pranayama and less speech, and your lungs will be sound; stay indifferent and do not crave, and your kidneys will be sufficient. Eat before you are hungry, but stop before you are full. Overeating hurts the spleen and stomach, and excessive thirst hurts the blood and the qi. Eat not to dullness in hunger and drink not to elevation in thirst to avoid food expansion and hurting your heart and lungs. Prevent the wind from blowing against your back, for no one enjoys longevity when the back of their head is constantly blown upon.


750.Anger weakens your qi, and illnesses will invade when your qi is weak; thoughts damage your spirit, and your heart is prone to uneasiness when your spirit is tied. Avoid extremes of joy and sorrow, eat a balanced diet, do not get drunkat night, and most importantly, never get upset in the morning. Do not see, hear, speak, or think about evil or improperness. Purify your heart and restrict your desire, stay indifferent to fame and gain, empty your brain, and then attain quietness in motion. Let your heart be at ease and your kidneys at rest, and lead a restful life.


751.Consolidate and you will be better:

  1. Consolidate your liver’s essence or your eyes will be dizzy and lack lustre
  2. Consolidate your lungs’ essence or your muscles will atrophy and be weak
  3. Consolidate your kidneys’ essence or your spirit and qi will be weak
  4. Consolidate your spleen’s essence or your hair will fall and your teeth will decay
  5. Do not overwork when moving, for that will damage your qi
  6. Do not remain immobile, for that will coagulate your blood and block your qi
  7. Enjoy a long life by not overworking your body or draining your essence
  8. Look without seeing, and your mind will remain innocent; then your spirit will guard your body and give you longevity.


752.There are eight unlivable places:

  1. Where there are dirt and mess
  2. Where there is noise
  3. Where there is negativity
  4. Where there is trouble
  5. Where there is hostility
  6. Where there are gloom and dampness
  7. Where there is no fresh air to breathe
  8. Where graves and temples are near


753.Those who revere and respect LIFE do not harm their bodies by over-supporting themselves with wealth and rank, do not exhaust their bodies to rise above poverty and low status, can shake off their desires, and can feel calm, purify their minds, and clean their spirits. Foresight, retentive memories, worry, sorrow, sadness, fear, anger, puzzlement, anxiety over what has been wished, and disharmony between Yin and Yang all hurt people.


754.You flow from your essence

  • Water has its source, so it surely flows far
  • Trees have their roots, so they surely are leafy
  • Houses have their bases, so their pillars surely are straight
  • People have their essence, so they surely live long lives


755.Your pillow must be neither too high nor too low; too high causes the liver to shrink, but too low causes the lungs to shrink.

  • Tears from the eyes cause the liver to leak
  • Mucous from the nose causes the lungs to leak
  • Saliva from mouth causes the kidneys to leak
  • Sweating while awake causes the heart to leak
  • Sweating while asleep causes the small intestines to leak
  • Drooling while asleep causes the brain to leak
  • Dreaming of intimacy with ghosts causes the spirit to leak
  • Lustful people cause their own bodies to leak.

One with full spirit does not want sleep; one with full qi does not want food; one with full essence does not want lust.


756.The taboo of a day is stuffing oneself; the taboo of a month is getting drunk; the taboo of a year is excessive work and rage; the the taboos of a lifetime are being bullied in the early morning, observing only your faith, keeping peace, not being thoughtful, and scheming. Sadness causes streams of tears, bitterness causes the nose to run, anger generates goitre, rage causes deep-rooted ulcers, your heart desires what your qi reaches, and you can generate everything. Great people restrain their grief and bitterness and refrain from anger.


757.Lack of physical bonding between sexualpartners, Yin and Yang, causes diseases to form due to blood stasis and qi stagnation. Therefore, those who remain celibate and abstinent are prone to be sickly and short-lived, while excessive indulgence in lust will damage their lives. Rich food smooths the intestines but also causes phlegm; breakfasts should be simple and early, lunches should be rich and full, and dinners should be small. Following these rules, one can have a long and healthy life.


758.Lead a leisurely and unrestrained life without cravings or painstaking effort. Enjoy life no matter where you are or what you are doing:

  • When your kidneys are immobile, your essence is preserved
  • When your body is immobile, your qi is preserved
  • When your heart is immobile, your spirit is preserved

When your essence, your qi, and your spirit are perfectly preserved, you will become naturally immortal


759.It is no disgrace to be poor and lowly, but it is to flatter and beg others; it is no honor to gain wealth and rank, but it is to benefit the world with wealth and rank.


760.Gaining fame and wealth that should not be gained invites fortune to become misfortune, but enduring hardships and poverty that arethehardest to bear invites bitterness to become sweetness.


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