800Values No.701~800


761.Misfortune comes very easily from wealth and rank; we need to stay sincere, honest, and humble to avoid great trouble; fortunes and blessings are originally destined; we must remain thrifty and simple in order to extend their time with us.

762.We are born with consciences and would be no higher that the birds and beasts without them; saints and sages teach people the correct way, but people always go through thistles and thorns when deviating from it.


763.There are no fools in the world; how can one deceive others in vain hope? Suffering is everywhere; how can one enjoy leisure alone?


764.Material wealth causes wise people to lose their ambition, but foolish people to sin more. In either case, accumulating material wealth and then leaving it to one’s children does irreparable harm.


765.People might not encounter difficulty, but they should not forget about it; flukes happen, but people should not keep them on their minds.


766.It is sinful to bang the drum to guide people the wrong way.


767.People need to be earnest and down to earth in order to perform deeds of merit and to set up businesses because remaining even slightly lustful for fame will misdirect them toward achieving the wrong goals. Self-cultivation should be based on the idea of a void; if one cares more for success, then they will descend into the level of the vulgar world.


768.With a constantly clear head, one can avoid heavenly punishments; with a spotlessly clean conscience, one canuntiethe divine mesh.


769.A merciful attitude is the root that sprouts to make all living beings survive and grow, and the moral courage to refrain from doing wrong can be a tower of strength for the world. Therefore, one of noble character neither bears to harm an insect nor embezzle a single penny to set the core values of humanity and establish the meanings of life and LIFE for all living beings.


770.To find the truth when fame and fortune disappear, youmayreduce your craving; to find the cause of your suffering from adversity, you may stop complaining.


771.Heaven gives you a small piece of luckto embolden you before giving you a serious disaster; do not be too happy when luck comes, the important thing is how you enjoy it.

Heaven gives you a small disaster to admonish you before giving you great luck; do not be sad when disaster comes, the important thing is how you remedy it.


772.How long is life? Life is as short as the spark from stones knocking into iron; how big can it be in such a vast universe? The world where people compete with each other is as tiny as a snail’santenna.


773.Knowing that there are both successes and failures in life, it is unnecessary to persist too much for success; knowing that life and death are the roots of each other, it is unnecessary to struggle too much for a nourishing life.


774.Leading an easy and wealthy life, one should learn the pain of the poor; being young and strong, one should understand the bitterness of the old.


775.Do not reproach others for small faults; do not reveal their private matters; do not bear grudges against them. Refraining from doing those three things helps to cultivate one’s moral character and to avoid disaster.


776.Those who give happiness have rich souls, those who give joy have rich spirits, and those who give blessings have material wealth.


777.The pursuit of life leads to endless troubles, but the pursuit of death leads to endless benefits.


778.Those who oppress the poor insult their maker, but those who are kind to them honor theirs.


779.Laying good foundations in advance is better than setting tents and building houses hastily on sandy beaches; improving the soil first is better than sowing seeds in barren fields.


780.Do NOT:

  • Do not damage the whole for the sake of a small reward
  • Do not favor yourself by pretending to cater to publicity
  • Do not contrast others’ shortcoming to your advantages
  • Do not envy others’ advantages over your shortcomings
  • Do not use power and authority to bully the weak and lonely
  • Do not willfully kill beasts and birds for your mouth and belly
  • Do not abandon your own opinion because of group doubts
  • Do not reject others’ advice because of your own stubbornness
  • Do not heed only one side in case you are deceived by the wicked
  • Do not be wayward and driven by anger

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