800Values No.701~800


781.Good fortunes cannot be seized by scheming; maintaining a happy mood is the right way to invite them. Disasters cannot be shunned by flukes; discarding hatred and grudges from one’s mind is how to avoid them.


782.Too much enjoyment brews disaster; abnormal acts forebode misfortune.


783.The faithful do not pray for happiness, but heaven helps them to fulfill their wishes without their awareness. Vicious people are most concerned with avoiding calamities, but as they move to do so, Heaven deprives them of their senses and leaves them defenceless against them.


784.If you have done nothing to trouble your conscience, then you should not fear a late-night knock on your door. Nothing can be concealed, for gods are watching just above your head.


785.Those who do not want their faults to manifest themselves in the open should first ensure that nothing is amiss in their darkest closets. Live in silt, but remain unstained; know about schemes, but do not be lured.


786.The beauty of all things is the masterwork of the Greatest Creator, whose love can be felt upon all of us.


787.Merits and mistakes do not offset each other; undoubtedly, the guilty and wrong have to be punished regardless of their other great merits.


788.Upbringing, self-cultivation, and self-restraint are compulsory courses throughout life.


789.Cosmic geometry tells us that the world we live in is not Euclidean. That is, the circles of Euclidean geometry are not really circles and parallel lines eventually intersect, diverge, or both. The sums of the three inner angles of triangles are not 180º. Therefore, no one should negate ideology which you take as unnatural or unreasonable based on your personal experience. Different realms lead to different understandings.


790.The wave-particle duality tells us that the nature of things or the way that they move  depend on the observer’s consciousness and that different consciousnesses create different realities. It can be concluded that heaven and hell exist just as the rich and poor exist, from which we know that these 800 Values for New Era Human Being will bring peace and happiness to everyone.


791.Superstring theory bridges the incompatibility between general relativity and quantum theory, which argues that strings do not move in normal three-dimensional space, but inhigh-dimensionalspace which we cannot comprehend. Our past conception about space was wrong; space is not limited to three dimensions, but could have as many as ten, or even twenty-six. Paradoxes and contradictions are always eventually reconciled. We can never reconcile them unless we increase our understanding and cling to theories of “absolute truth”.

792.Cosmic holography shows that people are a part of nature. The vibration of a butterfly’s wings in Alaska can eventually lead to a storm in the Cape of Good Hope, so no one should ignore their own little efforts; someone’s small cough will also cause heaven to vibrate.


793.Why are scientists unable to find a Unified Field Theory? Because scientists only recognize the first four forces: the weak force, the strong force, gravity, and magnetism, but not the second four forces: the tectonic force, the repulsive force, the conscious force, and the spiritual force. This shows that there are blind spots in both science and religion. The only way to solve these blind spots is with holographic theory.


794.When you step onto a thorn, your brain should sense it instantly. If it does not, that is not because there is no thorn, but because your brain is either too slow or dull or is malfunctioning. The world is about to change greatly; sensitive brains must have sensed this. If yours has not, then you must reconsider your thinking and reposition your outlook on life, your sense of values, your worldview, and your understanding and awareness of LIFE!


795.When you think you are right, you are probably wrong.


796.There are eight Ways in the mortal world:

  1. The Way of the Greatest Creator
  2. The Way of Gods
  3. The Way of Buddha
  4. The Way of Celestial beings
  5. The Way of Humans
  6. The Way of Animals and Plants
  7. The Way of Ghosts
  8. The Way of Devils


797.Without ending your worldly ties, you will transmigrate; without paying off your debts, you will return.


798.If you are confused and unable to find answers from humanity’s historical experiences and accumulated knowledge, then try to read the book without words.


799.It is said that “The core of truth is in one sentence, while falseness is spread over millions of books”. Actually, one sentence is too long, the core of truth is only one word: NATURE.


800.These 800 Values for New Era Human Beings are an open system. Time and space change ceaselessly, new thoughts, new ideas, and new methods emerge endlessly, and these 800 Values are subject to constant updating and perfection. This is the third revision; with the developments of the era, that which should be added will be added, and that which should be deleted will be deleted. We shall never follow the beaten track and the old routine or stick to obsolete ideas stubbornly, and we shall never impose limitations. While Deiform Buddha is in the human world, he will take charge to add and delete; when Deiform Buddha passes on, saints and sages will take charge and continue to do so. No one else may add to it or delete from it because that could compromise its holographic order.


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