Algeria – 6 Dead After Floods in North

30 APRIL, 2018


Torrential rain in northern Algeria has caused at least six deaths as well as severe flooding that has damaged houses and washed away roads.

The heavy rain began on 24 April, 2018. Tiaret recorded 38 mm in 24 hours to 25 April and 51 mm within the following 24 hours.

According to AFP, fatalities were reported in Tiaret and El-Bayadh. All victims were in vehicles at the time. Civil protection were called on to rescue others in vehicles trapped by flood water in Tiaret.

Evacuations were also carried out, including around 200 high school students trapped in a school building in Tissemsilt.

Severe weather conditions, including heavy rain and hail, affected parts of northern Algeria earlier this month. A rare tornado was spotted in Batna Province on 14 April, 2018.


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