Britain could be set for the HOTTEST April day in nearly 70 years today as temperatures reach 82F… but medics warn of SMOG due to heat and pollution

Sisters Sophie, 19, left, and Jessica Cheyne, 20, right, take a dip in the sea at Bournemouth beach to keep cool on the hottest day of the year so far

By Charlie Bayliss

19 April 2018

Temperatures are set to reach 28C today with a dry and sunny week expected in England and Wales

Experts predict warm conditions are likely to last for the rest of the month – well above the normal average

1,500-mile African ‘blowtorch’ will pass through Europe to make the weather heat up considerably

#Heatwave was trending on Twitter yesterday in the UK as people revelled in the scorching temperatures

The highest ever April temperature was in Camden Square, which reached a toasty 29.4C back in 1949

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Britain could be set for sizzling temperatures as high as 82F (28C) in some parts of the UK today – making it the hottest April day in nearly 70 years.  

South East England will enjoy the hottest of the weather, while most parts of England and Wales will bask in temperatures at least in the low 20s, the Met Office confirmed.

There is a possibility than Northern Ireland will hit temperature of 66F (19C) while Scotland could hit 68F (20C). 

The temperatures far exceed that average for this time of the year, which is 53F (11.4C). 

If temperatures do manage to push to 28C, it would beat April’s high of 27.8C – but it would still have some way to go to beat the hottest April day on record, a hot 85F (29.4), which was recorded in London in 1949.  

Meteorologist Alex Burkill said: ‘There’s a fairly good chance of 28C, there’s about a 60% chance.

‘Quite widely we are going to see low 20s, and for many it will be a little warmer than Wednesday.’

A 1,500-mile wide front of hot air branded as the ‘blowtorch’ will reportedly see the hottest April day in a decade before heating up later on in the week. 

St James’s Park in London and Gravesend in Kent both recorded the highest temperatures of the year yesterday. hitting as high as 24.8C.

The average temperature in the south east of England was a toasty 24C – the same as Madrid. In comparison, Rome and Athens reached just 22C.Magnolia blooms in full glory at London’s Kew Gardens as temperatures soared in the UK, with highs set to reach 82F today

It was not just London which enjoyed hotter than average temperatures for this time of year, with Plymouth recording 21.2C and Cardiff at 21.8C. 

Thursday is expected to be the hottest day of the warm spell, with weekend temperatures dipping slightly before showery outbreaks on Sunday.

Competitors in the London Marathon can expect hot and humid conditions with a forecast of between 21C (70F) and 23C (73F), Mr Burkill said.

‘There could be a shower but it’s not very likely. It’s not great conditions for running. In fact if any showers do come they might be very welcome,’ he said.

Some hayfever sufferers could be affected by high pollen counts, he added.

Mr Burkill said: ‘For anyone who suffers from tree pollen they will probably be feeling the effects, but that’s only about 20% of hayfever sufferers. Grass pollen season comes later in summer.’       

Kitty Lam, 34, sunbathes in Regent’s Park. Sun seekers enjoy the hot sunny weather during the first heatwave of the year in Regents Park, London

Children in sunhats are not often a sight associated with mid-April but they were necessary for some in Frensham, pictured

People across the country were pictured out in the sun enjoying themselves and sunbathing in the heat this morning.  The hashtag #Heatwave was trending on Twitter in Britain yesterday as people revelled in the scorching temperatures.

Mike Pattisson wrote: ‘The big coat has been put away and flip-flops have made an appearance (without the socks) Bring on the #heatwave’

Georgieporgie said: ‘Off to Portugal tomorrow and it’s going to be warmer here – livid! #heatwave’ 

By noon yesterday the hottest place in the UK was Gravesend in Kent which had reached 72.14F (22.3C) in the morning.

The Met Office warned about sunburn as the UV levels are similar to that of the August Bank Holiday last year, which saw temperatures reach a sweltering 82.76F (28.2C). There is also a warning for hay fever sufferers. 

Sub-tropical Atlantic air is arriving – but it is mixed with dirty air from Spain and France.

Bliss: A woman strips off to give her legs a tan as she sunbathes in Kensington Gardens in west London today

Deer enjoy the sunshine, as spring finally makes an appearance at Studley Royal Park, near Ripon, North Yorkshire

Air pollution levels are set to hit high tomorrow and Friday in parts of the South and East, and moderate in parts of the North, The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs said.

People with asthma or lung and heart problems, as well as the elderly, are advised to reduce exercise levels in high pollution areas to reduce health risks, DEFRA guidance said.

Pollution from factories, power stations and vehicle fumes worsens pollution from the continent.

DEFRA said: ‘Thursday and Friday have the chance of localised high pollution levels near east coasts of England, with isolated pockets also possible in busy urban areas in southern and eastern England.

‘Areas of moderate air pollution are expected across southern parts of the UK, with more isolated moderate levels in the North, mainly close to coasts.

‘This is due to continental air flow.’

A woman out for a morning run in Cambridge. The weather across much of the UK is set to be warming up today

DEFRA guidance for high air pollution said: ‘Adults and children with lung problems, and adults with heart problems, should reduce strenuous physical exertion, particularly outdoors.

‘People with asthma may find they need to use their reliever inhaler more often.

‘Older people should also reduce physical exertion.

‘Anyone experiencing discomfort such as sore eyes, cough or sore throat should consider reducing activity, particularly outdoors.’

Around 29,000 Britons are killed annually by air pollution – 15 times more than the 2,000 who die in road accidents – Department of Health-backed research shows.

With temperatures expected to hit a scorching 80F, the bookies have slashed the odds into just 1/4 that Thursday notches up the highest temperature of 2018. 

And the scissors have also been taken to the price that a whopping 86F (30C) is reached (6/4) anywhere in UK. It’s also now a 6/5 shot that despite its sodden start, this April takes home the accolade as being the warmest ever. 

Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes said: ‘The gorgeous weather has got us feeling flush and we’ve been forced to slash the odds of the sunshine sticking around. 

‘Bosses ought to expect workers to be pulling sickies left, right and center this week as the mercury rises.’ 

Supermarket chiefs are stockpiling beer, cider and sun cream as the min-heatwave sweeps in.

Sainsbury’s predict a 300 per cent rise in demand for sun cream and a 100 per cent increase in sales of fake tan over the next couple of days – so punters can look ready-bronzed in the sunshine.

They also estimate 70 per cent more sales of beer and cider, a 30 per cent uplift in Rosé wine and a 150 per cent increase in demand for ice cream.

And as the BBQ gets dusted down for the first time this year, the supermarket believes sales of vegan and vegetarian food will soar by 130 per cent.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: ‘It seems the whole country has been eagerly awaiting the warmer weather, and we’re expecting our customers to celebrate the return of sunshine by bronzing with fake tan, cooling down with ice cream and firing up the barbecue.’ 

The high temperatures will not just be confined to one part of the country, with 68F-70F (20C-21C)  expected in Newcastle, 64F-66F (18C-19C) in Northern Ireland and 63F (17C) in Glasgow.

A woman in a bikini enjoying the spring sunshine in Kensington Gardens in west London this afternoon

Met Office meteorologist Mark Wilson said: ‘It’s going to be a pretty nice day – it will be a slow start in places with cloud first thing.

‘But by mid-afternoon there will be lots of unbroken sunshine.’

Thursday could see even higher temperatures – 77-80F (25C-27C) in the South East – as warm air continues to come up through Spain and on to the UK.

Saturday could see isolated showers in parts, while there is ‘uncertainty’ about what Sunday’s weather will bring.

Experts predict these warm conditions are likely to last for the rest of the month, with changeable conditions continuing in the northwest, while the southeast still has some decent dry and bright spells.

Toasty temperatures will even be higher than those in Malibu, Athens and Rome. 

The start of the week should see warm weather in the south and the east, but the north and west have a high risk of rain and wind.

The southeast can expect the best conditions in the country with the northwest seeing the bleakest.

The African plume differs to the Spanish plume the UK experienced last summer which brought with it temperatures of 77F (25C). 

A Spanish plume is caused by cool Atlantic air being pushed towards Spain, which in turn pushes warm Spanish air towards the UK, bringing with it hot humid weather.  

According to experts at the Met Office, south England will see temperatures of 77F (25C) on Thursday, cooling to a pleasant 73F (23C) on Friday, 66F (19C) on Saturday and 68F (20C) on Sunday.

Rain and windy weather will start off the week in north England, but temperatures will get better as the days go on.

Thursday will be an improvement, with temperatures rising and plenty of sunshine – expect highs of 70F (21C). 

For May, the forecast is uncertain but experts expect to see a combination of dry and rainy days, with average temperatures.

Sunrise in The New Forest near Ringwood this morning. The UK is weather is set for its warmest conditions of the year that will scorch Britain with a 26C tropical blast on Thursday

Meanwhile it will be wet and windy across Scotland and Wales at first but by Thursday there will be highs of 64F (18C) and 60F (20C) respectively.

In Northern Ireland, Thursday is expected to be the best day with top temperatures of 63 (17C) and clear skies.

And although those in Cardiff won’t have the warmest weather from the blowtorch, they will have five days of cloud free skies.

He continued: ‘Thursday will be one of the hottest days with highs of 79F (26C) in some areas.

‘However, those living by the coast should still expect a chilly breeze as sea surface temperatures are still below average.  

‘Friday will be a bright sunny day and things will start to cool down by Saturday and Sunday.’


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  1. F=9/5C+32 ,so 82F =27.7C, this is really high for April. I thought British prople are still fighting with snow.

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