For those who have been attended the member exchange project, what's the biggest challenge you have ever met?  


Shining River
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14/01/2018 8:46 pm  

Hi everyone, I'm not sure how many people here have experienced member exchange among communities, like I saw Ailian has did it in 2013 in another post. Just curious about it, when living in another community, with different culture, country, language, food, people, relationship..., what do you think is the biggest challenge?

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16/01/2018 5:07 pm  

Hi Shining river, sorry for letting you wait.

For me, I haven't attended the member exchange yet, but I have been traveled to several countries and attended the regional/global community gathering. It was amazing and exciting experience, which gives me many chances of knowing new friends and cultures. And  there are challenges as well.  The most difficult part for me is  to communicate sufficiently and thoroughly enough  by using a second language with people who speak their native language. Language is the tool for expression and communication, but when you meet people from all around the world, it could be nervous and strange enough that makes you not comfortable and relax enough to communicate with them as effectively as you can in your own culture, in the comfortable zone. 

Another interesting thing is that the way of thinking is quite different. People grow up in a western culture society has definitely different thinking mode with those grow up in a eastern culture.  Therefore when they start discuss an issue, sometimes they have totally different angle of observing and suggestion. This offers space for creation, but also causes some difficulty of mutual understanding. That's why the member-exchange among communities is important, because people cannot understand each other deeply in a 3-5 days summit or gathering, but it's possible in 3-5 months. Only when diving into the real life of each other, can the real communication and mutual understanding happens, which is an indispensable part for a concrete integration among the communities.