Incredible pictures show ski resorts blanketed in the heaviest snowfalls in 18 years – as a forecaster warns freezing temperatures across Australia are ‘NOTHING’ compared to what is coming

Due to the amazing snow conditions, Perisher is opening some of their facilities early


18 June 2018

Australia could see a string of seven ‘freezing winters’ as temperatures plummet around the country

The wild weather has caused heavy snowfall to hit the Snowy Mountains which hasn’t stopped in six days

The weather caused 82cm of snow over six days, covering the mountains with heaviest snowfall in 18 years

The freezing start to the season mimics Queensland-based weatherman Dave Taylor’s ‘ice age’ theory

Australia’s ski resorts are enjoying the heaviest snowfalls in 18 years as forecasters claim plummeting temperatures could mark the start of a seven-year ‘mini ice age.’

Coolangatta in Queensland had its ‘coldest morning ever’ on Monday, with temperatures dropping to just 0.6C.

Earlier this month, Melbourne endured the lowest temperature for the first day of winter in 30 years, 11.2C.  

The Snowy Mountains are benefiting from the cold snap, with non-stop snowfall since last Wednesday evening giving skiers plenty of their favourite fresh powder. 

The six-day blizzard has caused a huge 82cm snowfall and this is set to rise, with another cold-front expected to hit next week.

We could be heading towards a mini ice-age as temperatures are plummeting around the country 

A pair of brumbies are seen grazing near Yarangobilly, Kosciuszko National Park as snow lashes the mountain 

The heavy snowfalls and strong winds have provided top notch early season conditions for ski resort guests, the amazing snow conditions mean all 32 lifts to be opened for the coming weekend.

Wind drifts are causing snow to be up to two metres deep and the grooming team is putting in lots of effort to open more terrain and lifts for early season skiers. 

The freezing start to winter mimics Queensland-based weatherman Dave Taylor’s ‘ice age’ theory  – and he says this is just the beginning – and people should be prepared for another cold front to hit next week.

He believes Australia is in store for a string of seven ‘below average winters’ with each colder than the last – something he has compared to a ‘mini ice age’ effect. 

‘There will be frosts as far north as Cairns, with a light coating towards the coast – getting heavier in the west,’ he told Daily Mail Australia.

‘And if this next cold front comes through then temperatures will drop another few degrees on June 26.’ 

‘It has been warmer during the day, but it is the huge swing to feezing temperatures that I am talking about -the freezing mornings and big lows.’

Skiers heading to Perisher resort early in the season are going to enjoy the heavy snowfall and skiing conditions

The wild winds that are on their way will increase the adverse affects of the recent cold snap, which will see temperatures continue to plummet

Perisher received a whopping 60cm of snowfall in just 24 hours when the storm hit last Wednesday evening

He thinks Stanthorpe in Queensland will see their first ‘dumping’ of snow by the end of the month.

‘It is a marker for a cold winter when it snows there, there was the possibility of snow there on this front but it was too dry,’ he said. 

‘If this trend continues, as I expect it will, we are set for a very cold end to July and August,’ he said. 

Incredible pictures show the scenes at Perisher ski resorts after the fields were blanketed with the heaviest snowfall in 18 years

These weather conditions are some of the best the early snow season has seen in 18 years.

Perisher’s Chief Operating Officer, Peter Brulisauer believes that this weekend the skiing will be amazing with all 32 lifts in operation.

‘It looks like the best early season conditions Perisher has seen since 2000,’ he said. 

Perisher’s Chief Operating Officer believes that this weekend the skiing will be amazing with all 32 lifts in operation

These weather conditions are some of the best the season has seen in over 18 years, Perisher Chief Operating Officer has said


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