The incredible power of nature: ‘Catastrophic weather event’ turns a tricking waterfall into a raging torrent in hours

A torrent of water plunged down over Barron Falls near Cairns after severe flooding (pictured)

By Mikaela Barwick For Daily Mail Australia

9 March 2018

People in Queensland prepare for the worst flooding in nearly a decade

Record heavy rain has swept in and battered parts of the state, burst river banks

Barron Falls usually trickles, but is gushing water following heavy downpours

Falls of up to 300mm have already closed roads and schools in the Far North

Emergency alert issued in Ingham, major flooding concern for Herbert River

Woolworths forced to ship 350 tonnes of food on a barge from Townsville

The worst flooding in nearly a decade in Queensland has sent a torrent of water plunging over Barron Falls near Cairns.

The steep-tiered waterfall is usually only home to a trickle of water, but it is gushing from the downpours.

Falls of up to 300mm in parts of the Far North have closed roads and schools and cut off towns. 

Police have issued an emergency alert for people in Ingham because floodwaters are expected to rise above the levels seen in the devastating 2009 floods over the weekend.   

Townsville Bulletin reporter Chris Lees said no one was going anywhere: ‘Emergency crews are on the scene making sure everyone is safe.

‘The town is cut in half and there are about 18 firefighters – with half on each side of the town’, he said. 

The heavy rainfalls which have drenched the Far North this week are expected to move north today.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Jim Richardson told the Cairns Post that Cairns and the surrounding areas would stay wet over the weekend.

‘The heavier stuff is generally pushing north. We are still expecting some rainfall to be around the next few days.

‘The heavier rain will be mostly north of Cairns by this evening but over the next seven days showers are continuing for that region’, he added. 

Woolworths has been forced to organise a ship to take approximately 350 tonnes of fresh fruit, vegetables and meat along with baby nappies and formula, on a barge from Townsville. 

Hinchinbrook Council have called a major flood warning for the Herbert River and urged residents to prepare for more flooding. 

Sandbags have been made available for pick up in Ingham, Cordelia and Halifax, for people making preparations in the Far North.

Richard Gilmore posted the overwhelming outpouring of water on Instagram (@fnqfishermanslife)


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