Planting 40 Papaya Saplings and 1000 Pineapple Seedlings

Reported by Qianze celestial   March, 2022

The 2nd branch of Thailand:

Recently 40 papaya saplings were planted near the nursery room by Yangle and Qaizi. Together with Pi Lu,yonger brother from Thailand and elder brother from China, we helped Long Pao to plant one thousand pineapple seedlings in the open area next to the banana forest. On the soil dug by the excavator we planted pumpkin, Thai melon, and various green vegetables. The soil here is clay and hard. Whether we are growing fruit trees or vegetables, we need to break up large clods first,and then mix them with compost evenly. Physical labor in nature makes us happy, labor can not only create a better life, but also purify people’s minds, make people more humble, and feel the beauty and tranquility of being integrated into nature.


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