Special weather statement issued ahead of heavy rains, heatwave in Toronto

© Richard Lautens Take cover! Heavy rainfall is expected throughout the day Wednesday.
Jenna Moon – Staff Reporter
20 hrs ago

Grab your umbrellas, Toronto — it’s going to be wet outside Wednesday.

Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement ahead of several days of tumultuous weather, which is set to kick off with a massive rainstorm and possible thunderstorms.

Heavy rain is expected to begin Wednesday morning and carry through until midday, according to Environment Canada. The weather agency is projecting up to 30 to 50 mm in rainfall, so take care while commuting as roads are sure to be slick.

Daytime temeperatures will sit at a comfortable 21 C, though humidity will make it feel closer to 27 C. Wednesday evening will see a low of 18 C, and yet more rain.

The wet conditions could continue through Thursday, Environment Canada says, with a 40 per cent chance of showers and a thunderstorm risk in the late afternoon. The heat will begin to set in on Thursday, with a daytime high of 28 C.

When the chance of showers finally backs off on Friday in time for the Canada Day long weekend, the heatwave will set in with a high of 31 C and a mix of sun and cloud. The heat continues with a high of 36 C projected on Saturday. Temperatures are likely to feel closer to the mid-forties with humidity.

Environment Canada says it is unclear when the heatwave will come to an end but suggest temperatures will stay high through to next week.

Source: https://www.msn.com/en-ca/weather/topstories/special-weather-statement-issued-ahead-of-heavy-rains-heatwave-in-toronto/ar-AAzejF2?li=AA2K0Xy

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