The International Family with Xuefeng-style Communism has Taken Root and Blossomed in Thailand

written by Xuefeng on October 21,2020

(Translated by Qianzi and Edited by Kaer)

The Lifechanyuan International Family Organization is registered in Canada and reports its progress to the Canadian government annually. On the basis of having established a branch in Thailand, we are starting build a new home in that country. Some Chanyuan Celestials will go there individually to participate in its construction which has strong support from the local Buddhist temple. Everything is in full swing and we believe that within less than two years, an actual International Family with Xuefeng-style Communism will exist there, and that hundreds of people from various faiths, cultural backgrounds, countries, and ethnicities will live and produce their own food together. May this brand new mode of life and production for humanity benefit all living beings everywhere.

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