800Values No.501~600

521.There is no final judgment because judgments are being rendered continuously. What judges LIFE is not the Greatest Creator, gods, Buddha, or Hades, but the Tao of the Greatest Creator. The Tao of the Greatest Creator operates during every moment throughout eternity.



522.As for the LIFE of the universe, it is the original intention and will of the Greatest Creator to let all LIFE forms live happily, joyously, freely, and blessedly.



523. To understand, revere, and believe in the Greatest Creator, and to follow the Way of the Greatest Creator, is the precondition to initiate our conscience. One who has no Greatest Creator in their mind will be unable to initiate their conscience, and their conscience may die out. We can even say that such a person has no conscience and is a sly hard nut. Following the Way of the Greatest Creator is the fundamental prerequisite and guarantee for human being and anyone who wants to lead a happy life.



524.Anyone who wants to become, thinks they can become, or instigates others to try to become the Greatest Creator is an incarnation or representative of, and an accomplice of demons.



525.Psychic energy is the highest level of energy in the universe; all psychicenergy comes from the Greatest Creator. As long as we continue to believe in and follow the Way of the Greatest Creator, then we will have no shortage of psychic energy. Essence and spirit are energies second only to psyche. The energy of Essence mainly comes from the aura between heaven and earth, and this aura includes the energy brought to man by everything in nature, namely the energy given to man by all the beauty of nature and the energy of carbohydrates converted into food. The energy of spirit mainly comes from the level of consciousness. It is a structural energy, a program energy, a belief energy, and can also be generalized as the energy of Tao.



526.All life can be called spiritual as long as it gives reverence to the Greatest Creator, perceives the profundity of Tao within its soul, pursues supreme authentic wisdom, and tries hard to achieve the highest realm of life. To attain a spiritual life, one must listen to the teachings of Jesus Christ and march toward the Way of the Greatest Creator by following Jesus’ instructions.



527.Why should we take the Way of the Greatest Creator? Because we can only get to higher LIFE spaces via that path. Without the Greatest Creator, we can hover ina certain space or slide into lower spaces, but we can never climb to higher spaces.



528.The Way of the Greatest Creator is the road to happiness, joy, freedom, and blessing. You are to keep a peaceful and joyous inner mind whether you are in a favorable or an unfavorable circumstance or even in the face of desperation or death. You must be convinced that the Greatest Creator is perceptive of the slightest errors and is definite about punishments and rewards, and you must be brave enough to have the Greatest Creator take charge of your LIFE and to have Tao manage it.



529.All things created by the Greatest Creator are arranged in clearly defined layers. As long as we obey the arrangement of the Greatest Creator, strictly adhere to our required behavior, and move forward, following the track of human nature, we will have an unregretful life, no matter whether we are in a favorable circumstance or in adversity; in a bright situation or a dark one.



530.Even gods, Buddha, celestial beings, monsters, demons, and goblins are powerless before the Greatest Creator, so on our road of life and LIFE, everything will give way to us and cannot harm us as long as we cling tightly to the hand of the Greatest Creator.



531.The Greatest Creator does not decide anyone’s destiny. Everyone’s destiny is ultimately brought about by themselves. Their destiny is the result of their consciousness.



532.Understanding things is not for the sole purpose of enjoying and living harmoniously with them. What is more important is to make use of them to serve us and to broaden our scope of free activity to the greatest extent. Following the Way of the Greatest Creator is not to endure hardships and sufferings but to enjoy life, enjoy LIFE, and obtain more happiness and pleasure.



533.Great love is like a mountain and is wordless. The Greatest Creator’s love for us is constant and eternal; the Greatest Creator’s love for us has never been expressed in language. If conditions are attached to love, if it needs to be repaid, or if it can be expressed in words, then such love can be only called small love; not great love.



534.Why should we revere the Greatest Creator? The Greatest Creator is the supreme sovereign king of the universe, the creator of LIFE, and the guardian of equity and order. Without the Greatest Creator, there would be no universe; without the Greatest Creator, there would be no mankind; without the Greatest Creator, there would be no god or Buddha. So should we not feel awe and respect? Only if we feel awe, can we hold our desires properly in check; only if we feel awe, can we obey the objective law and model after nature; only if we feel awe, can we understand that “there are divinities watching over us” so that we dare not harbor evil ideas or conduct misdeeds; only if we feel awe, can we live in harmony with nature, beings, and everything, instead of doing whatever we want to including the butchering of beings. Awe and respect derive from feelings of gratitude, humility, passionate love for life, and heartfelt esteem for the creator and the governor.



535.If we do not follow the Way of the Greatest Creator, then we cannot solve the problems of life; if we do not sublimate our LIFE, then we cannot have an excellent life.



536.The Way of the Greatest Creator is neither of private ownership nor of public ownership, but of non-ownership; resources are simply used as they are needed. It is only when people can use things as and when they need them; not just to have them, that the human world will become an ideal land and the beautiful dreams of mankind will be realized.



537. “Man proposes and god disposes”. That is to say, one’s success in achieving something and realizing certain wishes and ideals relies 30% on individual diligence and 70% on the natural environment; in this sense, the natural environment means the Greatest Creator, Tao, the program, good timing,geographical convenience, harmonious human relations, and nature. Human wisdom and human endeavors are both very limited; if time and geographical positions are not favorable, you cannot achieve anything no matter how much effort you exert.



538.By following the Way of the Greatest Creator, you can do these things:

  • You can disengage yourself from the abyss of misery and arrive directly at the most ideal realm of LIFE.
  • You can connect with the origin of the universe and enjoy the pleasures of LIFE at  any time.
  • You can shake off the bondage of time and space and let your thinking and consciousness race freely across the unlimited universe.
  • You can accumulate your merits and virtues.
  • You can pay back all your debts from all of your past lives.
  • You will have a limpid mind and a clear consciousness to realize your dream.



539.Following the Way of the Greatest Creator is most convenient, simple, direct, and effective; by following it, you can dispense with all taboos, and not immerse yourself in daily exploring and searching after Tao, virtue, benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, credibility, and art; you need not chant scriptures and pray every day, go to great lengths to cultivate special magical power and arts, tread great distances to follow the enlightened, or engage in serious heated discussions. All you need is to model after nature.



540.The Way of the Greatest Creator is the Way of nature. Everything is accomplishednaturally. It is against the Tao of nature to expect to obtain and achieve something as soon as you want it. “Success will come when conditions are ripe” – this is what is meant by nature. Force and compulsion are against nature. Conscious effort should be combined with adherence to the course of nature. Without conscious effort, we can only circle at the original spot and cannot walk out of the bewilderment and the thirty-six (36) eight-diagram arrays. Without an attitude and state of mind that adhere to the course of nature, we will certainly feel anxious and contentious, act hastily, and our eagerness for success will backfire. In the end, we may get the opposite of what we have wished.





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“The relationship between man and the Greatest Creator is the most fundamental of all human relationships.”I love the Greatest Creator.


“The way to contact the Greatest Creator is to read the “book without words”, to meditate, and to pray.”Yes, the Greatest Creator is everywhere and everytime.