800Values No.501~600


581.Do not hold mantras and swear, because we can not control the changes and developments in our lives; once we fail to hold our oaths and lose our faith, we shackle and bind ourselves.



582.Do not be unfeeling; love, but do not fall in love.



583.Proper emotion is good for the mood; excessive emotion is like poison; emotional poison causes trouble and sorrow.



584.People with greater love in their hearts have more beautiful souls, gentler characters, calmer tempers, live more happily, love LIFE, nature, and other people, and are closer to the Greatest Creator; people with less love in their hearts have uglier souls, more venomous characters, meaner tempers, live more miserably, do not love LIFE, nature, or other people, and are farther from the Greatest Creator.



585.The lower the level of LIFE, the less love there is. The higher the level of LIFE, the richer the love will be. What is hell? A place that is absolutely devoid of love! What is heaven? A place that is absolutely brimming over with love.



586.Control the extent of your love; love will develop among those who karma has brought together; love will follow with nature and opportunity. When you feel love, your heart will show it; when you feel it go away, your heart will be devoid of it and show that, too. You must not be obsessed or infatuated, you must not intend to claim it as your own, and you must not occupy it with force. Let love carry on as long as both of you still feel it. If you fall out of step with each other, then neither must impose it on the other. The extent of love is the extent to which it makes both parties happy and pleasant.



587.Escape from the whirlpool of sentimentality; we are not indifferent, but we are not without feelings and we are not immersed in our emotions. It is like eating and drinking; we need food and water, but we do not view them as the purpose and significance of our lives. If we only scurried about looking for food and water during our entire lives, then there would be no value or significance in being human. In the same way, if we only lived for good feelings throughout our entire lives, then we could tramp over hills and dales all we like, but we should never expect to reach the realm of freedom.



588.Each love has its own frequency; only loves that share the same frequency will resonate in sympathetic vibration; love will be found with love; a heart without love cannot find love; to obtain love, you must first understand it, then seek and maintain love with love. People who lack love cannot feel it from others.



589.Emotions, love, sex, and beauty are our most primitive perceptions from nature and our most basic feelings, but also the most precious elements ofour LIVES, the sources of all fun, and our essential motive forceto live. In order to have a good life and future, we must integrate them into our life rather than isolate them. When we melt into them, they will be unusually brilliant with highlights too beautiful to be absorbed all at once, and be brimming over with vigour, vitality, and endless enjoyment. If we isolate them, then our lives will be like the Gobi desert, with utterly dreary cries and screams, profound silence, and an endless sea of tribulations.



590.Sex is a kind of resource. It is not only a material resource, but one of spirit and soul. The resource of sex is the particular resource which is even more value and significance than food.

This resource has eight major pleasures and benefits:

  1. It makes people placid and gentle
  2. It makes people satisfied and content
  3. It makes people love life and LIFE
  4. It makes people yearn for the future
  5. It guarantees our propagation and continuation
  6. It pleases people and makes them happy and joyous
  7. It makes people feel grateful
  8. It gives people a taste of the blissful realm


591.The best way to live is to follow nature; the best way to associate with others is to follow predestined relations; the best way to achieve tranquillity is to accept things as they are; the best state of being is to unite with Tao; the best emotion is the emotion with nature; the best love is romantic love.



592.Exclusive relationships between men and women are ugly phenomena. From humanity’s perspective, exclusive relationships are nice, but from celestial beings’ perspectives, they are very ugly. Similarly,having many different exclusive relationships is also very ugly. It is best to take things as they come, associate with others by following predestined relations, act in accordance with your natures, and take advantage of opportunities that arise.



593.The love between lovers, exclusive couples, and married couples who pledge solemnly to love eternally and “grow old together” are all toxic love relationships; falling into toxic love relationships guarantees that there will be pain in one’s future.



594.Emotional romantic love can make us, but it can also ruinus. Broad and extensive love is the quality of LIFE in heaven; narrow and exclusive love is the character of LIFE in the human world; scrambling for and possessing sexual resources is the nature of animals.



595.Emotional and sexual love are only beautiful embellishments in life; accessories to life, not all of lifeat all.



596.True love is selfless. Selfishness and wanting to possess others as your own private goods, embellishments, and accessories becomes unusually ugly and shows the indecency and domineering natures of slave masters. When that happens, the picturesque and noble love which began, falls into the trap of vulgarity and no longer grows the fragrant flowers of love.



597.Sex, is not a dreadful monster. If you let a river flow naturally, it will not become a dreadful monster, but if you block the water and do not let it flow naturally, then once the floodgates open or the dam breaks, it will cause devastating floods and certainly become one. The more repressed sex is, the more violent it will turn, and it will become a dreadful monster.



598.Everybody has a pure heart, but the mind reflects all things outside. Thinking can create anything, and the pure nature can conquer everything.



599.Women are beautiful for their femininity and softness; their softness can dissolve hardness. It is neither weak, nor suggestive of a lack of will. Rather, it means that they will neither take anyone in, nor be bullied arbitrarily. On the contrary, their softness is their strength. Femininity and softness contain marvellous strength. Soft sentiment is like water; it can wash away all dirt, wear away stones, and conquer everything.



600.Love is an attribute bestowed upon peopleby the Greatest Creator; a precious gift. All love is pure, true, kind, and beautiful. The perfect man will honestly sincerely love all ladies everywhere; the perfect woman will passionately love all men everywhere. This is not being promiscuous or fickle, but a noble quality which only celestial beings can appreciate.


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“The relationship between man and the Greatest Creator is the most fundamental of all human relationships.”I love the Greatest Creator.


“The way to contact the Greatest Creator is to read the “book without words”, to meditate, and to pray.”Yes, the Greatest Creator is everywhere and everytime.