Floods, landslides in Jakarta, Indonesia kill 2, cause evacuations

Flooding in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta has resulted in thousands being evacuated. Moreover, these flooding rains have also resulted in landslides which further killed two. Due to these weather conditions, at least eight people also remain missing.Image Credit: kapamilya.com

6 February 2018

Local TV channels have been showing muddy water rivers running down the roads, furthermore bringing trees as well as several villas down. More than 6000 people have been displaced in view of floods in the areas of South and East Jakarta.

As per the city governor, Anies Baswedan, flood waters at the Manggarai floodgates in the city have receded to some extent.

During the Northeast Monsoon, Southeast Asia along with India observes intense rainfall activities. 

However, after the withdrawal of Northeast Monsoon, the track of these weather systems shifts southwards, and generally moves along the proximity of Equator.

During this time, since the sun travels northwards, The Inter Tropical Convergence Zone, or the ITCZ, accordingly extends northwards.

The Indonesian nation becomes vulnerable to weather activities as it lies on either side of the Equator.

Furthermore, the country is surrounded by water bodies. Thus, along with the presence of heat due to proximity of sun, moisture is also available in abundance.

Thus, all that the region needs a trigger in the form of some systems. Furthermore, the ITCZ has systems circulations embedded on it. Thus, the floods that are currently affecting the Indonesian nation are a result of one of these embedded circulations over the region. These flooding conditions become a common feature during this period.

Yesterday, authorities were forced to release water from a reservoir upstream in Bogor after water levels prompted the highest alert. Thus, after this, Jakarta had raised the flood alert level to the highest. However, now, the levels of the water in the river have dropped. 


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