Rare Snowfall Whitens Palms in Morocco’s ‘Gateway to the Desert’


Several regions of Morocco recorded snowfall on January 29 and 30, local weather reports said,.A spokesman for the country’s meteorological service said the snow came as a result of a cold front from northern Europe.Snow is not unusual in mountainous parts of Morocco in winter, but is considerably rarer in the south of the country.

Some reports, and the uploader of this video, said some areas had their first falls in 50 years.The cities of Ouarzazate and Taroudant and the town of Zagora, shown here, were the most impacted by the snow on January 29.Zagora is referred to as the gateway to the desert. Credit: الخبر اليقين via Storyful.



  1. Climate system of the earth has been destroyed by human being’s activities. We need to make up our mistakes.

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