October, 2011 – November, 2013:

The Second Home community entertained visitors from fifteen (15) overseas countries. They included Ms. Michiyo Furuhashi, the GENOA president and representative of Konohana Family in Japan, Mr. Martin and his wife Qiuxue, Doctor of Philosophy inAnthropology from Germany, and Mr. Venketash, an Indian permaculture promoter and practitioner who became Kasen celestial during his time here, and many lovely friends from throughout the world.


May, 2013:

Conglong celestial attended a seminar at Tamera, Portugal as our representative, and during her one month stay there, exchanged fully with their members and established a good friendship and connection between our two communities.




July, 2013:

Conglong celestial attended the GEN Europe annual gathering at Schweibenalp community, Switzerland, and promoted the new life mode of the Second Home community. She established connections with some community representatives of GEN, GENOA president Michiyo, and representatives and project activists from around the world. 


July, 30 – September 16, 2013

Ailian celestial visited Konohana Family, Japan as our community exchange member. Living and working for fifty (50) days within that big family, she introduced the values and mode of the Second Home community to them and brought back from them, the precious experience of running a continually developing community for nineteen (19) years.


October, 2013:

Tongxin celestial attended the annual gathering of GENOA (Global Ecovillage Network Oceania & Asia) in Malaysia. The Second Home became an official member of GENOA and established connections with representatives and members from different member communities of GENOA.


November, 2013:

Michiyo Furuhashi visited the First and Fourth branches of the Second Home and stayed for three weeks, during which time she experienced our community life intimately and interacted thoroughly with founder Xuefeng as well as with other Chanyuan celestials. She became a member and was given the name, Lingqiao celestial, which means, “Bridge of Hope”.


November 11, 2013:

The Second Home and Konohana Family announced formally that they would unite as part of a big international family. Since then, the Second Home of Lifechanyuan has been the Chinese branch of Konohana Family, and Konohana Family has been the fifth branch of the Second Home.



October 25 – November 12, 2014:

Tongxin celestial attended the annual meeting of GENOA 2014 in India, and investigated a local community there. She then continued on to meet Conglong celestial in Nepal where they explored opportunities of resettling outside of China during the crisis period when local authorities were harassing the Xinjiang farms.


July, 2015:

Tongxin celestial attended the GEN+20 summit at Findhorn, Scotland. She shared the story and growth process of the Second Home to the ecovillage friends at the summit. She also exchanged with GEN President Kosha, Senior Consultant Robin, and many friendly and active representatives from different communities throughout the world.


In May 2009, The Second Home was formally established. After two years, the community had two branches with around a hundred (100) members. From then on, Xuefeng and the community has had the idea of uniting global communities.  Between 2011 and 2014, Xuefeng wrote this series of four (4) articles expressing such a proposal:

  • July, 2011: An Invitation to Global Communities for Alliance with the Second Home.
  • March, 2013: Proposal for organizing and establishing a New Life community Alliance for Human being.
  • November, 2013: Call for all ecovillages around the world to unite as a big international family.
  • May, 2014: A Letter to all earth citizens from the International Big Family.

From 2014 through 2016:

Because of the continuing strong pressure from the government, the Second Home community was forced to move through northwestern, eastern, and southwestern China, therefore this plan had to be suspended.

2017, through September:

After the New oasis for Life community bought land in Canada and established the New Oasis for Life Canada community from the huge devotion and energy concentrated from Chanyuan celestials, and successfully registered the Lifechanyuan International Family Society in British Columbia, Canada, this plan was able to be revisited and be put back into practice.

After all that has happened and however difficult it has been, the original intention and ideal could not be killed; Lifechanyuan sincerely invites you to build this International Family with us!