Thailand branch locates at a peaceful and beautiful farm (original name Mindful Garden), around 43 km away from Chiangmai International Airport. The branch started in March 2019, with now five members living together. We are here to create and build a new life mode for people who are kind, diligent, simple, honest, trustworthy and would love to live their life to the fullest.

Our farm has a beautiful natural environment, surrounded by green trees. There are a lot of banana trees in the farm,  with their broad green leaves in the breeze stretch leisurely.  Melodious birdsong can be heard anytime the whole day. Beautiful flowers blooming under the sunshine attract colorful butterflies fluttering and dancing around. If you come close, you will be surrounded by them, feeling as if in a fairyland.

The  whole land includes a hill and a lake which is 6.6 acres big. There are two concrete brick houses on the hill,  three amorous bamboo bedrooms and a wild wooden loft bedroom at the foot of the hill. More bamboo houses are going to be build up in the future. 

We welcome people from all over the world regardless of your backgrounds, races, religions, cultures, and nations, as long as you are interested in this new life mode, please come to visit and know us, and experience this happy and simple life together. We wish you a happy and unforgettable stay, and

let’s create, improve, and perfect this new life mode for all kind and lovely people on the earth together!

Please contact us at least 10 days before your visit.

If you are a group, currently we can receive no more than 5 people. We suggest each visitors a stay of 3 to 7 days to exchange and experience fully in our farm.

Time Available: 7am — 10pm, Monday to Sunday

Fee: 300Bht/person/day (include meals and accommodation)

Accommodation: We can arrange accommodation in the house on the hill or in the bamboo bedrooms, at the same time you are welcome to bring your own tent, as we have a big lawn to camp on.

Meal:  We  have  two meals a day, snacks in between, most of the time the food is vegetarian, and we have meat occasionally. Except drinking beer or wine on celebrations, alcoholic and smoking are prohibited in the community.

Work: Every visitor is expected to work no less than two hours a day with us on building, planting, weeding, working in the garden, cooking, cleaning, or laundry etc.

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Take the airport bus (30 Bht) or local red-bar bus to Warorot market (100 Bht) , then change to the yellow-bar bus to Doi saket (20 Bht),then change to a new one and get off at Buddha Monthon (20 Bht), where we can pick you up. We also provide the  pick-up service at the airport which charges an extra 200 bht per person.