The Lifechanyuan International Family Society welcomes donations from any individuals, communities, organizations, or foundations that support the vision and solid progress of this big family’s development.

Your donations will be used in these five ways:

  • To support the members exchange project among worldwide communities.
  • To support combination or joint construction projects among communities/ecovillages, and the establishment of new communities throughout the world.
  • To support International Family members (communities) when they encounter serious difficulties and crises, whether they be from natural or societal disruptions.
  • To support and promote the International Family, the connection, communication among communities, foundations, individuals, and the public.
  • To cover administrative fees for the operation of our office and living expenses for our full-time workers.

Financial statements from the society will be published for public inspection periodically.

$1 for 800 Values

What is $1 for 800 Values? Please read the details here.

The $1 or more for reading the 800 Values for New Era Human Beings, third edition, will be used totally for the construction and development of the International Family. Therefore, please pay your part here as well.


You can send your donation via bank transfer or paypal:


Bank: Royal Bank of Canada


Account Name: Lifechanyuan International Family Society

 Account No.: 04120 003 1008978

(Transit#/Branch#: 04120    Institution#:003  Account#: 1008978)

Account Address: 3719 Hwy 97 Lac La Hache BC Canada V0K 1T1

Bank Branch Address: 200 Birch Avenue, 100 Mile House, BC V0K 2E0 Canada

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