An Introduction to the New Life of Human Beings—New Oasis for Life

written by Xue Feng on Aug 6th, 2009

We have set the pattern of new lifestyle for human beings, which is the New Oasis for Life of Lifechanyuan. This is no longer an armchair strategist’s fantasy, yet it is the reality.

General Outline

To carry out the ideas of returning to one origin with 800 Life Values For New Era Human, to bring human beings into the Lifechanyuan era, in which country, religion, party, marriage, family, conjugal relation will disappear, “No one pockets anything found on the road, Doors unnecessarily to be shut in the evening for no thieves drop in”, Favorable weather is all the year around. All things on earth are in harmony with each other. Everyone is happy and has good fortune as one wishes. This is the era of Lifechanyuan Era.

Management Mode 

New Oasis for Life implements the Holographic management mode. The gist of the mode is that no management is the best management. Constitutions, laws, legislations, institutions, commandments, dharma will not be put into practice, and 800 Life Values For New Era Human will be the guideline. Dealing with daily matters with concepts of omnipotence,ever-changing, changes interrelating each other. Stimulating and motivating the qualities of truthfulness, kindness, beauty, love, faithfulness and honesty in human nature, and creating a proper external atmosphere to bring those qualities in full play. All are carried out voluntarily without administrative enforcement.

Establishment of Institutions

Lifechanyuan has 1 institute and 256 branches in the world. President of Lifechanyuan equals to the president of global government. Presidents of the branches equal to the highest local administrative representatives, and they are in charge of planning and arranging daily production activities and life of the branches. Each branch has three major departments: living department, education department and production department.

Property and Life Management

According to the principle of “Having nothing but having all”, properties of the New Oasis for Life belong to all the Chanyuan Celestial, and they don’t own anything individually. New Oasis for Life undertakes the entire daily expenses of each member, provides allowance for the seniors, and brings up the children. Supporting the seniors is no longer the personal matters of sons and daughters, and nurturing children is not the personal matters of parents any more. Everyone does his or her best, and takes what he or she needs. There is no supervision mechanism on spending, neither does strict accounting system. The time one needed, he or she can spend.

Working Arrangement

New Oasis for Life doesn’t have executive orders or forced arrangements. Everybody chooses his or her job in accordance with his or her hobby, personality, and specialty.New Oasis for Life ensures that each member has his or her own job, and works for 6 hours everyday. No one will lose the job. Moreover, everyone just does one thing atNew Oasis for Life, for reason that this is mutual service system. Each person has a clear division of labor and is responsible for his or her own job. The cook is responsible for cooking, the washer is responsible for doing the laundry, the dustman is responsible for cleaning, and people who are responsible for producing just do the production work. Everyone carries out his or her duty and minds his or her own business. If someone asks for help, people will help him or her unconditionally, and if they don’t ask, other people won’t get involved in their personal matters. The daily timetable is arranged in person, you may work at night and sleep in the daytime, and you may also get up late and work in the afternoon. You can do everything following your inclinations, as long as you have done your own job and fulfilled your duty.

Relationship of the Members of New Oasis for Life

No matter one is tourist guide, president, the relationship between members is like a family. Blood-related relationship is the one between fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, grandparents and grandchildren; relationship between men is like brothers, and relationship between women is like sisters; relationship between men and women of different ages is brothers and sisters; and men and women who attract each other are lovers. There are no distinctions between superiors and inferiors, leaders and workers, supervisors and supervisees, hosts and guests. Everyone is equal.

Life Arrangement

Under the condition of not being luxurious and prodigal, New Oasis for Life  tries its best to make everyone eat well, wear well, live well, use well, play well. Everyone has one bright bedroom at disposal, which is equipped with spacious toilet and bathroom. Everywhere is spotless and quiet, flowers are blooming and trees are flourishing. People take their meals at dinning halls. The Home also has public recreation room, teaching hall, laundry place, gymnastics, school, medical care center. People mainly have vegetarian food. The dinning halls serve vegetarian food and meat dishes respectively. People can take what they like. There are a plenty of snacks for people to enjoy. Special care is provided for people who need it. People don’t gamble or smoke, alcoholics are not respected. The weak have been taken care of by specially assigned nurses. People can use the computers and phones anytime they want. There are no holidays at the Home, anyone who wants to take a day off, he or she can do it. Traveling is decided by members themselves. The Home throws a party each week; everyone can play an instrument, sing and dance to show their talents. When members are gone, Lifechanyuan will take care of it with its own funeral and interment institution.

Everybody has at least one hour of collective study on spirit and mind purification per day, In order to keep spiritual, mental and physical health, half an hour is set aside for exercises in gymnastics.

On Love and Sex

Love is a precious gift granted by the Greatest Creator to mankind, and sexual love is an inevitable path that sublimates human nature to a higher space of life. Love and sexual love are similar to the dance of two hearts with the same tempo. As long as man and woman fall in love with each other, they can do whatever they want, and no one will interfere or gossip. Lovers don’t occupy or envy each other; on the contrary, they respect each other’s freedom which is higher than anything else. They never do any harm to each other, mentally or physically.


“Honesty prevails throughout society”. Normally, people don’t lock their rooms and the room keeping public properties in the daytime. Up to now, no one has lost an item.

Each member’s bedroom is definitely his or her private space; anyone who hasn’t got the owner’s permission is not allowed to get in. If someone wants to get in, he or she has to knock on the door first. He or she can come in until after permission.

Sweet and harmonious, people are loving and intimate. No quarrel and dispute concerning interest and hobbies should occur.

Staff members are sent to the airport, train station and bus station to pick up people who join New Oasis for Life and people who are leaving. Safety is ensured. One is free to come and go.

Everybody uses civilized language. No one speaks bad words and talks nonsense. Everyone speaks gently with an amiable manner, no one shouts and yells. Unless there are collective activities, otherwise, the entire home is quiet for 24 hours.

Everyone behaves decently and dresses neatly. Vulgar behaviors are not allowed. There are no untidy persons.

Everybody is the owner of New Oasis for Life. No one is allowed to reprove, scold, supervise, and force somebody else. Members walk in their own shoes and don’t interfere with others. They don’t control mutually, but provide services to each other.

Members don’t build up a special relationship, their relationship is quite simple.

All financial activities are strictly under the scope of laws and decrees of the national and local governments. New Oasis for Life doesn’t bring any trouble to national and local governments.

New Oasis for Life advocates members should learn the spirit of Lei Feng. When we are outside the Home, we should take good care of the seniors, the weak, the sick, the disabled, widows, widowers and orphans. We ought to put other members’ interest before our own, and leaving the convenience to others and keeping the inconvenience to ourselves.

New Oasis for Life is made up of Chanyuan Celestial from Lifechanyuan, it is not available to people who are not Chanyuan Celestial. It allows the related governmental departments and sections to come and inspect, permits communications with associations, and allows reporters to report the facts practically and truthfully to the society. We don’t admit entry to other people.

The economy of the Home depends on all members. In accordance with national laws and decrees, we gain everything through hard and diligent work. Other than Chanyuan Celestial, we don’t accept donations from any organizations, associations and sponsors. Not a penny.

Members of the Home must strictly abide by 800 Life Values For New Era Human, those who don’t uphold it will be eliminated from the New Oasis for Life.

New Oasis for Life is trying to explore a new way of life for human beings. We believe, when everyone on earth lives their lives according to the life mode of New Oasis for Life, afflictions of mankind will be lessened, each man’s pain will be eased, deterioration of the environment will be curbed; human beings will definitely enter into Lifechanyuan Era which will last for 1000 years.

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