By Xuefeng on Sept. 2023


Contributing to the community’s development refers to the following eight aspects:

  • Providing strategic planning and formulating strategies for the community’s development.
  • Searching for land resources for the community’s development.
  • Raising funds for the community’s development.
  • Identifying optimal sources for community development loans.
  • Establishing connections with the best channels for visas, immigration, lawyers, and other related services for community development.
  • Facilitating channels for the sale of community-produced goods.
  • Directly participating in the community’s construction, offering technical expertise and labor.
  • Any actions that can bring benefits and convenience to the community’s development.

The rewards for those contributing to the community’s development will be based on the actual results produced. Contributors can propose their requests, and the community will respond based on its capabilities and conditions. In any case, the community will ensure that those who contribute do not go unrewarded.

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