by Xuefeng  Sep 19, 2023

Cooperating with the Second Home as a landowner offers four distinct advantages:

  • Significant Increase in Land Value: Your land will experience a substantial increase in value, at least an additional 10% on top of regular land appreciation. This is because every inch of land will be fully utilized, either for vegetable cultivation, beautification, or animal husbandry, thereby increasing the land’s worth.
  • Transformation into a Garden-like Attraction: Your land will be transformed into a garden-like scenic spot, enhancing its beauty and becoming an oasis for human life. It will attract tourists for sightseeing and generate revenue through entrance fees, accommodation, and events.
  • Personal Benefits: You will enjoy various benefits from the community, such as free room and board, free laundry services, free hygiene and hairdressing, as well as the opportunity to participate in and enjoy community events and entertainment.
  • No Worries About Land Management: You will no longer need to worry about managing or maintaining your land; you can simply reap the rewards.

Landowners interested in cooperating with the community must meet the following three criteria:

  • Long-term Commitment: Once you cooperate with the community, you cannot sell your land. You must consider a long-term partnership because if you decide to sell your land after it has been transformed into a paradise, it will put the community in a difficult position, rendering all our efforts in vain, which is unacceptable.
  • Ownership vs. Operational Rights: You will retain ownership of the land, but operational rights will belong to the community. You cannot interfere with the planning or management; however, you can monitor the operations in real-time, ensuring that our activities are legal. Nevertheless, you cannot halt the execution of the agreement for any reason.
  • Minimum Land Area: Your land must be at least 100 hectares in size and have a nearby water source.

Profit sharing for landowners cooperating with the community is as follows:

Your investment is limited to the land and any existing structures on it; all other expenses are borne by the community. All costs associated with the land are covered by the community, including the salaries of staff involved in operations. Profits, irrespective of our cost outlay and personnel salaries, will be divided with 30% going to you and 70% to us.

The above information summarizes what landowners should be aware of when considering cooperation with us. Please contemplate whether this arrangement suits your needs.

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