800Values No.701~800

701.To unify all thoughts and all beliefs into the Greatest Creator’s will and all religions into one uniform belief system; the whole world will be one family; a stateless world will be in great harmony. THIS is the main theme of the New Era.


702.The existences of families, states, political parties, and religions are the root causes of the following:

  • The pollution of the Earth’s environment
  • The global polarization between the rich and the poor
  • The irrational allocation of resources
  • The turmoil in the world and the crisis of humankind
  • The hardships of the lower-classes
  • The huge waste of human and material resources


703.The world should move toward unification and becoming a global community; it is best to strengthen the role and function of the United Nations continuously for it to eventually become the global government.


704.Every citizen on earth should regard themselves as citizens of the entire earth, not merely of a region or country.


705.The Earth belongs to its citizens; they have the right to migrate and move freely throughout it.


706.Heaven will become clear and bright when all is unified, the earth will become peaceful, deities will be effective, grain will be abundant; all things thrive when unified and saints’ ideas become universal when they pursue the uniform truth. The whole of mankind can have only one government, one belief, one order, and one pattern; we can only have one goal, one wish, one path to build, and one road to follow all through our lives, otherwise we will not be able to realize true clarity, peace, effectiveness, and prosperity. Excess breeds confusion and heterogeneity causes irritation; this is history. Only if “all thoughts and beliefs are unified into the Greatest Creator’s will ”, and “all religions are unified into one uniform belief system”, can uniformity be realized. Only if uniformity is realized, can we enjoy harmony, peace, auspiciousness, good weather, and happy, joyful, free, and blessed lives.


707.Unmarried people should be elected as leaders in all regions. Unmarried people are more selfless and open-minded; less tied and troubled than those who are married and have families. In a word, unmarried leaders are better than married ones with familial relations and are more in line with the interests of the general public.


708.Localism and nationalism are symbols of barbarism and fatuity. No affairs on earth belong to any particular nation or local adherents. Rather, they belong to the whole of humanity. The administrations of every region should be exercised not by the people chosen from among the locals or from among a local nation but by the most outstanding talents selected from the whole of humanity. It is only if the talented are entrusted with important missions that the whole world can be united as a single family and the toiling multitudes can obtain freedom and happiness.


709.All affairs are of concern to all people. Everyone has the power endowed by their creator to condemn and intervene in the affairs of all countries, all political parties, all religions, all nationalities, and all organizations everywhere in the world.


710.The first universal core value is the belief in the Greatest Creator; the cornerstone of all universal values. Faith has nothing to do with religion.


711.On the first day of 2018, mankind entered the New Era, namely, the Lifechanyuan Era. The symbol of this is that we have prepared a huge theoretical system for mankind to enter the New Era; we have resolved everything in practice. At the same time, the international family has come into being on a legal level. In addition, the number of single people who are unwilling to marry has increased worldwide, the divorce rate has risen dramatically, and travel visas between countries are becoming more and more convenient. All these are significant indicators that the world has entered the New Era.


712.Objective things will not be transformed by man’s free will; mountains cannot stop Spring from coming. When the earth is frozen, everything looks solid and strong, but when the spring wind blows, snow and ice melt and all the grasses become lively. Families, states, political parties, and religions seem very strong, but will inevitably collapse when the flavor of the New Era comes. Nothing is indestructible.


713.New Era people will not be managed by laws or be ruled by people, but will rather be ruled in compliance with Tao, the core of which is taking the way of the Greatest Creator. The core of the Greatest Creator’s way is the way of nature, and the core of nature’s way is the harmonious coexistence between people with people, people with society, and people with nature.


714.The way for people to get along with each other is to make each other happy, joyful, free, and blessed.


715.The way for people to get along with society is “the talented will be put to good use, and the whole world will be one family” and “no one will pocket anything found on the ground, and doors are not bolted at night”; share bliss while shoulder misfortune together and coordinate globally to share resources.


716.The way for people to get along with nature is to keep the mountains green, the water clean, the sky blue, the mountains and rivers beautiful, the soil rich, the fish and shrimp abundant, and to protect wild animals from harm, poultry and livestock from abuse, with singing birds and fragrant flowers everywhere, and always favorable weather.


717.In the New Era, the funeral and interment system of Lifechanyuan is implemented: the body is cremated and the ashes are scattered across rivers, lakes, seas, green mountains, and fields, which dispenses with the building of tombs, the keeping of ashes, the establishment of memorials, and all marks and traces.


718.In the New Era, no one celebrates birthdays, but only natural festivals such as Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Water-splashing Festival; no celebrations or festivals related to gods, Buddhas, fairies, people, states, political parties, religions, or the military, including Christmas Day, Buddha’s Birthday, and so on.


719.In the New Era, people no longer exchange gifts or hold celebrations for relocation, promotions, birthdays, or other affairs for which gifts have traditionally been exchanged.


720.In the New Era, churches, Buddhist temples, mosques, and Taoist temples, are no longer built.



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