World Proclamation of the Earth Vibrational Ascension

Bright Spots of New Life Mode

800 Values for New Era Human Beings

  • 800 Values
    301–319  Thinking Refinement & Magical Power of Thinking 320–345  Mental Methods of Self-improvement 346–378  LIFE & LIFE’s Space 379–400  Mental Methods of Self-refinement   301. Order is essential for high efficiency; disorder only creates busyness, tiredness, and low performance.   302. Whoever proposes must take charge;whoever takes charge must bear all consequences.   303. [...]

Utopia and the New Oasis for Life (the Second Home)

written by Xuefeng on Aug25, 2007 Translated by Transn It is human being’s general attribute to pursue an ideal realm, society, human life and living; which is also the everlasting resources of spiritual driving force. The sages in history whose common wish is to lead human beings into an ideal [...]

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