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The Second Home in China

  • 22 Bright Spots of New Life Mode
    Written by Yixian on January 24, 2014 (Translated by Conglong and Edited by Kaer) I remember when our community was still in Kunming city and there were only about thirty of us. One Sunday night, our guide asked each of us to perform on the stage. Hardly anyone had experience performing [...]
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    Located in a mountain cove in Yulong County, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province, China, with beautiful scenery and a pleasant climate, Yinyi Ecovillage consisted of a total area of about twenty acres with an original courtyard, two vegetable sheds, a pond, a pig pen, and a row of flue-cured tobacco houses. [...]

Lifechanyuan Canada’s New Home Awaits You

Lifechanyuan has established a new home in British Columbia, Canada, at Escott Bay Resort, situated by Anahim Lake. You can ask ChatGPT for information or search online to see images. We will begin operations in May. If you have a general understanding of Lifechanyuan and its new life in the [...]

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