written by Xuefeng on Sept. 15 2023

In April 2009, I informed everyone that disasters caused by climate change would occur in a gradual, cyclical, and increasingly severe manner. The events of the past fourteen years on Earth have confirmed the accuracy of my prediction.

In August 2017, I warned, “If humanity doesn’t immediately change its traditional production and life mode, it is expected that the entire natural ecosystem will collapse within 15 to 20 years, endangering humanity.

In October 2018, regretfully, I informed everyone that it was already too late to try and mitigate climate change.

In this year, 2023, extreme weather events on Earth, including fires, floods, droughts, hurricanes, and more, have clearly signaled the beginning of the great catastrophe. Now, we must consider how to live if you manage to survive.

If you continue with traditional thinking and production mode, you won’t survive. Even if you escape natural disasters, you won’t escape the societal chaos. There will be no nations left, even the mighty U.S. government will collapse, and wealth and power will be of no use. Even if you have a powerful business, it will be worthless. If you are thinking of forming an armed group to seize survival resources, I must tell you that it is a path to self-destruction.

Imagine a scenario where communication facilities are down, computers and phones are useless, transportation is nearly paralyzed, roads are broken, bridges are collapsed, flights are suspended, water and electricity supply in cities is interrupted, and food is scarce. Out of the eight billion people on Earth, less than a billion remain, certain animals and insects have multiplied, and there are more pathogens. How would you survive?

I have spent 20 years preparing the theoretical foundation for humanity’s survival after the great catastrophe and more than 15 years in practical demonstrations. I have carefully considered various difficulties and risks humanity will face after the catastrophe and how human nature will evolve. Below is my plan.

Establish 256 communities on Earth, each following the production and life mode of the Second Home created by Lifechanyuan, theoretically based on the essence of Chanyuan Corpus and Xuefeng Corpus – the “800 Values for New Era Humanity”. These 256 communities can accommodate around 80,000 people. Others can emulate the Second Home mode for production and life. This way not only can the remaining people survive effectively but also live a heavenly life.

Therefore, I call upon those who have opened their spiritual awareness on Earth to take action. Those with land, contribute land; those with money, contribute money; those with strength, contribute strength. Before the great catastrophe officially arrives, let’s quickly establish 256 communities on Earth to leave a path to survival for ourselves.

Those who are willing to contribute their time, money, or efforts, please contact us through the following means:

Email: info@lifechanyuan.org

Messenger group: Create 256 Second Homes Messenger group

Telegram group: Create 256 Second Homes Telegram group

WhatsApp group: Create 256 Second Homes WhatsApp group

Those who wish to discuss or debate with us, please refrain; we have no time and energy to waste on arguments.

Please spread this message widely so that people on Earth can be aware and open a path to a better life and future for those with spiritual awareness.

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