800Values No. 601~700

601.To marry is to be duped by the patriarchal clan system, by the autocratic governors, and ultimately by Satan.



602.Marriage licenses are legal bills of sale on people’s most freedom of their life.



603.Chinese written characters were created by god. Let us consider the character “婚” (marriage), what does it mean? 女 means women, 昏 means confused. So, “婚” means that women marry when they are confused, and that men unite with women who are confused. That is “结婚” (get married).



604.Of all the traditions established by people, marriages and families are the worst; they maintain the rule of men, but actually benefit no one.



605.Secular relatives help us to fall into hell as they hinder our ascent to heaven. Therefore, Jesus Christ said that a man’s foes will be the members of his own household.



606.Traditional marriages and families have caused a lot of harm. Of all the relationships between people, those between married couples are the most difficult to maintain, the most unfortunate, the most upsetting, the most emotionally destructive, and the most restricting. This has been proven repeatedly with endless examples everywhere over thousands of years. Therefore, to see through them and emancipate oneself from their shackles as soon as possible is to swim out of the abyss of misery and reach the shore of freedom.



607.The traditional family life program is the birthplace of humanity’s afflictions. Marriages and families are boundless abysses of misery.



608.Families are prisons of souls, shackles weighing people down, the root causes of narrow, selfish greed, barriers to freedom, obstacles to people’s natures, the greatest barriers to realizing beautiful lives, and stumbling blocks that prevent people from advancing toward higher levels space of LIFE .



609.None of the contradictions, conflicts, and disasters occurring in traditional families are caused by parents, children, husbands, wives, or any sisters or brothers, but by the program of family life itself, which carries spiritual viruses. No matter how civilized people might be, they can not help being infected by them once they enter the family program.



610.It is unnecessary for couples to marry, because their love might not last forever, but if it is to have any chance of doing so, then they should occasionally separate and live apart.



611.If you have a traditional family, love it, and cannot leave it, then no matter how well you engage in self-cultivation, how far you cultivate it, or how thorough your cultivation is, then you can never reach or have any relationship with heaven.



612.The abysses of misery are boundless, so repent and be saved. What are the abysses of misery? Marriages and families are! They are the roots of all agonies and afflictions. People’s vexations, depressions, anxieties, and misgivings all stem from them. “The abysses of misery are boundless, return to the right track and you will see the shore.” Where is the shore? The shore is the the New Oasis for Life (formerly the Second Home), created by Lifechanyuan. Devoid of marriages and families, it offers the most ideal lifestyle and is the only hope to end suffering and afflictions.



613.We should address problems from their root causes. The root cause for the suffering and affliction of the masses is the existence of families. They are like garbage; if it is not thrown away, then flies cannot be kept away; without the disappearance of families, the misery and affliction of the masses will never end. To occupy yourself with relieving people’s endless misery and suffering on surface rather than addressing their root causes is dealing with a situation ineffectively, as one who tries to stop water from boiling by scooping it up and pouring it back in , without turning the fire off or cutting branches off brambles but not digging up their roots. Wherever families exist, so will endless misery and suffering. If we do not start with the root causes, then the misery and suffering of the masses would remain and continue, even if the Buddha, Jesus Christ, and Lao-tzu were still in the world; were families to exist in heaven, then even heaven would change into an abyss of misery.



614.Marriages and families are Satan’s cradles; upon entering them, even angels become devils; upon entering them, everyone becomes prone to commit crimes.



615.The cells of society are its individual people, NOT its families; the essence of society is people, NOT relation of production. Families are only relationships for production and only the cells of certain social formations related to production, but not the cells of society. The best societies have no families.



616.Difficulties and hardships never crush people; only the invisible pressures and destructive nature of marital and family bonds make them lose confidence in life, feel that life is meaningless, and even collapse.



617.Marriages and families are the hotbeds and soil to generate selfishness, the sources of trouble and misery, and are enough to cause one to commit crimes.



618.The human world is mortal only because of the existence of marital bonds because they require that couples possess each other, occupy each other, depend on each other, tie each other down, and form shields against the outside world. No one who is wrapped in a marital bond can be unselfish and able to reach the realm of heaven.



619.The most complex and troubling relationships in the world are marital bonds. Not only are they the saddest and most disappointing ones, but also the most desired and desperate. When involved with them, one must avoid being too hard or too soft, too near or too far, too strong or too weak, or going to or coming from them; they are tangled like silk, untouchable like flame and ice, unspeakable, and indistinct.



620.Marriages are tombs of love, and families are sources of humanity’s sin. Being involved with one, people lose their freedom; having one, they become selfish. Marriages and families have generated boundless misery and are the abysses of misery themself.



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