800 Values No.1~100 (Revised 2022)

Updated by Tongxin Celestial on Feb 16, 2023


001024  Enter the New Era

025076  Outlook on Life and Values in the New Era

077100  New Era, New Thinking


1. Open the windows, the sunlight and fresh air will come in.

Take a broad view, you will see the faraway mountains fresh and green.

Stay and study in Lifechanyuan; a new LIFE will begin.

Your spirituality will grow and your thinking will transcend that arises from human nature and ethics.


2. Revere the Greatest Creator, revere LIFE, revere nature, and take the Way of the Greatest Creator.


3. Let everyone live well: the aged, the children, the widowed, the orphans, the disabled; not only ordinary people, but presidents as well; not only the rich, but prisoners as well, even livestock, domestic fowl, and wild animals


4. Three quarters of all criminals are not inherently criminal, but are forced into their situations by unhealthy cultures and social systems which have been established by humanity.


5. What is the best state for human survival? The core is simply this: take the way of the Greatest Creator and establish a government that functions “without interfering with the natural rules”. The more that governments manage and care, the worse human conditions become.


6. The more laws and regulations there are, the more problems will arise, especially the stronger the repression of human nature is, the stronger the restraints of one’s subjective initiative and creativity will be. It is as if to tie up people’s hands and feet with numerous ropes, and then shout to them: Hurry up! Move! 


7. Closure leads to ignorance and backwardness, and rigidity and extinction as well, for a person, an ethnic group, and a country too.


8. The Earth belongs to all humanity. People should be allowed to flow freely throughout the world and not be restricted in the name of countries.


9. A global government should be established to coordinate global affairs


10. Democracy is the pursuit of mediocrity. TheSuperman Philosophyshould be implemented, which means whoever is in charge should have the final say, and bear all consequences.


11. Todays real problems cannot be solved from historical experiences, but only with open and creative thinking.


12. Those who judge new things with traditional values are reactionaries reluctant to make progress.


13. The judgement of right and wrong should be based upon these four essential elements: fact, science, logic, and spiritual perception. It should not be based upon the words of the ancients.


14. Meritorious people are prone to be the biggest obstacle to advancement.


15. There is nothing good about mysterious and spooky things; all furtive and sneaky things are bad.


16. The western way of managing state affairs according to laws is so inexorable, while the oriental way of ruling states by men is so complicated, that neither method is ideal. States need to be ruled in compliance with Tao


17. Putting all affairs into the public domain is the best solution to all problems 


18. What are bad programs? All of the ones that prevent people from leading happy, joyous, free, and blessed lives, but make them feel anxious, miserable, annoyed, dreaded, and worried.


19. Mankind is facing multiple crises, and the most important one is the crisis of the soul


20. What money can buy is not precious, but what money cannot buy are treasures.


21. Preaching alone cannot accomplish a goal; it also needs to be completed by a corresponding program


22. People fall into five categories

  • Ignorant people are driven by instincts
  • Laities are driven by desires
  • Mortals are driven by emotions
  • Sages are driven by rationality
  • Saints are driven by spiritual senses; they are Celestials 

23. Man has six senses: vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch and spiritual sense. 


24. The sum of positive and negative energy in the universe always equals zero; therefore, what everyone pays is always equal to what they gain.



25. Life is a short journey of LIFE in the human world.


26. All the preaching and orders that make people happy, joyous, free, and blessed are moral, all of those that prevent them are immoral


27. We should pursue three great treasures in life:

  • Soul wealth
  • Spiritual wealth
  • Material wealth

Soul wealth is the most important and should be pursued first, then comes spiritual wealth, and material wealth is the third. None of these three great treasures are dispensable and a life without any one of them will be imperfect.


28. People live to pursue a happy, joyful, free and blessed life. All activities of a person or the whole of humanity should be centered on this goal. If we have ignored this goal of the existence of life, we would be putting the cart before the horse, whether it is studying for a doctorates degree, marrying to create a family, establishing a company, pursuing an official career for more money, or selfcultivation. Pursue happiness, joy, and freedom and fully enjoy them along the journey of ones life, hence love life and LIFE, love nature, and feel gratefulthis is the moral of being a man and also the primary value and purpose of life.


29. The highest realm of life is to read extensively, have the world in ones mind, resolve malpractice issues which have endangered society for an extended time, make vigorous efforts to improve situations, benefit people, and build the Earth into a paradise where all people will live harmoniously with each other. The highest realm of LIFE is to selfimprove and selfrefine, release souls of people from purgatory, become a Celestial Being or achieve Buddhahood, and realize Supreme Authentic Wisdom.  


30. The easiest habit to form and the easiest to ignore, but the most harmful to life and LIFE is the habit of getting used to accepting favor and forgetting to feel gratitude.


31. All that is most easily obtained is the most precious. We must be very clearheaded that what comes easily is very precious. We should not think that what we have gained easily is of little value. Rather, that which is most readily available is the most precious. We should regard them as favors from the Greatest Creator and we should take this principle as a valuable lesson of life


32. The eight (8) secrets of life are:

  1. The more one pays, the more they gain.
  2. The uglier one’s soul is, the more painful they feel.
  3. The more perfect one’s LIFE structure is, the more beautiful their appearance will be.
  4. The more words one says, the greater their loss will be.
  5. The more beautiful one’s soul is, the brighter their future will be.
  6. The more one possesses, the more trouble they will have.
  7. The stronger one’s ego is, the further they are from Tao.
  8. The more shortcuts one pursues, the longer their journey will be.


33. The eight (8) mysteries of life are:

  1. Ask the Greatest Creator for help at critical moments.
  2. Say “No!” to negative and pessimistic thoughts coming from one’s mind to avoid disasters.
  3. Sensation is more reliable than wisdom.
  4. Capture stimulation from information that is offered for the first time.
  5. Confession can release karma.
  6. Obtain truth and Tao from the evasive and elusive.
  7. Enter the spiritual pure land and unite with Tao.
  8. By reading the “books without words” (the natural and social phenomena in the human world) often, you can converse with the Greatest Creator directly.


34. The Greatest Creator is the primary productive force.


35. Live for happiness, joy, and freedom, but not fordoctrine”, “truth”, nation, political party, organization, religion, or family.


36. The eighteen causes of lifes suffering are:

  • Incorrect values and outlook on life, views on LIFE and the universe
  • Selfishness
  • Greed
  • Laziness
  • Jealousy
  • Complaining and grumbling
  • Comparing 
  • Excessive ambition for victory and struggle due to the desire to excel over others
  • Arrogance and insolence
  • Dependence on others
  • Infatuated and poisoned love
  • Possession and occupation
  • Contention for fame and gain
  • Attachments
  • Ambition to transform and control other people
  • Deviation from the law of nature
  • Violation of laws and disciplines
  • Consciousness of marriage, family, nationality, state, political party, religion, and organization


37. The present condition of human beings is caused by humanitys past, and the present condition of any individual is caused by their past. Tao is just, so do not complain to heaven and earth, nor to society, other people, or the government.


38. To create happiness for all humanity and each individual, we must firstly rely on the Greatest Creator, and secondly rely on ourselves.


39. The purpose of creation is for the created to please and serve its creator. It was we who created technology, so its purpose is to please and serve us. It was the will of the Greatest Creator that created us and so our purpose is to please and serve the Greatest Creator.


40. From God’s perspective, humans are ignorant

  • From Buddha’s perspective, humans are evil
  • From Celestial Beings’ perspective, humans are short-sighted and stupid
  • From mankind’s own perspective, humans are both good and evil but wise
  • From animals’ perspective, humans are inconceivable and horrible
  • From plants’ perspective, humans are wonderful and great


41. Humanitys suffering comes from humanity itself. Every individuals suffering comes from themselves. The functioning of Tao abides by rigorous logic and order. The equity and impartiality of the Greatest Creator embodies in the functioning of Tao. If we cannot realize this, the suffering will never end, and the vicious cycle will continue forever.


42. The most important thing in life is not to try one’s best to possess material wealth but to manage to change one’s way of thinking. 


43. Firm faith in the Greatest Creator, believing in Karma, and putting our best into everything we do are the three magic weapons to achieve carefree lives. 


44. Time and energy are the diamonds of life which should be inlaid on the crown. Time and energy should be spent on the places and causes that can best embody the value of life.


45. Life is a journey; regardless of how many reincarnations we undergo, if we lose our memory each time, then we still have only one LIFE. Even if we live many thousands of lives in the human world, we will not know our past and future ones and they have absolutely no meaning or relations to us. Only people who can clearly understand their past and see their future are living in reasonable ways and only such people can turn tragedy into comedy, move from the realm of destiny to that of freedom, and fully enjoy the delicacies during their life journeys and appreciate their beauty.


46. The nature of the world is illusion. Life was originally an illusion. The question is how long the illusion may last. If we can survive for a thousand years, ten thousand years, or a hundred million years in the illusion, then the illusion will be meaningful. 


47. Be peopleoriented, not doctrine-oriented or systemoriented.


48. Perfect human nature should meet these eight conditions:

  1. Revere the Greatest Creator, respect Gods, Buddhas, and respect other people.
  2. Have no ambition for victory and no desire to fight for superiority.
  3. Love nature.
  4. Be modest, trustworthy, and honest.
  5. Be sympathetic and compassionate.
  6. Be able to adjust yourself and remain calm no matter whether you are in prosperity or adversity.
  7. Conform to the laws of nature and do not seek eminence.
  8. Love LIFE and love laboring. 


49. A life without direction is blind and a life without values is perplexing. The affliction and misfortune of life lie mainly in the lack of direction and values of life


50. Life is like this: You become either like the sun or like a reflective material. If neither happens, your life would be completely in the dark, and eventually like a pile of rotten garbage or a dirty and dark route.


51. Everything is but a game and only LIFE is true and exists forever. Reality is like a game; those who are obsessed with it are muddleheaded; those who are happy and pleasant in the game have an awakened consciousness. Attempting to own the reality is like a dream of an idiot, only with a gameplaying attitude can people not miss their life.  


52. Nothing is of an extraordinary or very important matter to life. Only LIFE is important enough to be maintained and cherished the most. Life is limited but LIFE is boundless. Everything in life should be centered on LIFE, which is the core theme of life


53. The universe is holographic and everyone intrinsically possesses the natures of Gods, Buddhas, Celestial beings, Humans, animals, and matter; due to the differences of the ages in which they live, family environment, education, self-motivation, and other variables, some people eventually achieve glorious, premiumquality lives while others end up living defective ones.


54. A great wish can induce a great life, and a great wish has an incredible effect on life. All who have achieved great results are people with great wishes. Without great wishes, life is like duckweed that drifts with the tides. Without great wishes it is impossible to scale the peaks of life and LIFE


55. People, as long as they do not know what will happen after their death, actually remain in a deathbed struggle, no matter if they lead a noble life or a humble one.


56. There are eight “miracle programs” in the human body. The operation of a human body is a program, in which eight miracle subprograms are embedded.

  1. Self-ignition
  2. Being rescued
  3. Autointoxication
  4. Self-healing (releasing self-healing magical chemicals)
  5. Magic power and art
  6. Going crazy
  7. Being possessed by evil spirits
  8. In bliss

When conditions are ripe, these eight (8) programs will automatically start up and operate. 


57. Life cannot lack belief, for a life without belief is contradictory and confusing. It will be a life which has neither direction nor prospect, and it is doomed to be a tragedy.


58. If people want to benefit others, they must first live well themselves, while if people want to do evil, they can live for others first!


59. Peoples short life decides their LIFE futures. Every one of our words, actions, ideas, and intentions shape our futures. Our merits and sins are recorded justly every moment of every day and night. What we follow and where we go are entirely our own choices


60. The most urgent things in life are to transform our LIFEs nonmaterial structure and let it evolve towards higher LIFE spaces, and to sublimate our personality and perfect our spiritual nature. None of us knows what will happen tomorrow,  but one certain thing is that our LIFE structure will determine our LIFE future.


61. Favor is not debt, but when you are desperate to pay a favor back, you may have no choice but to sell what you depend on. To avoid such a dilemma, do not owe others any favors.


62. Everyone has unlimited potential, but the main reason for not giving play to that potential is not because we are born stupid or have insufficient mental skills, but because we never find our best life track to follow from start to finish.


63. One heavy blow can destroy a person and render them powerless and incapable of recovery, however it is often the impact of seemingly insignificant smallload energies that become the main culprits in destroying lives.


64. Observing the numerous people on the street who are busy coming and going, back and forth, we will actually find onlytwo people”, one is pursuing fame, and the other is pursuing wealth. It is normal for the masses to pursue fame and wealth, however, if we are unable to keep a sober mind, but rather join the ranks of pursuing fame and wealth, we are putting our carts in front of our horses, and delaying our precious lives


65. Life is so short that big businesses should be chosen over small ones. Everyone has the capital to take on a big project, and the capital islove.


66. Life is like a play, no matter how short or long nor whether it gains or loses or succeeds or fails. As one play rises, another falls, rising here and subsiding there; achieving prosperity in the human world might result in a fall in the kingdom of heaven.


67. Everything has already been doomed. Facing numerous and complicated life issues, we have only one way to deal with them: keep calm to handle all naturally occurring events.


68. There is no doubt that humans have free will. It is precisely this free will that causes the hesitation, trouble, agony, fear, and sadness in life.


69. One of the guarantees of a happy life is to understand and know yourself. Without understanding and knowing ourselves, there will be a series of troubles and pain in life. People are used to attributing all the troubles and pain to outside causes and to other people, but never to themselves.


70. Question: Who writes the script of our life and arranges the track of our LIFE?

Answer: It is we, ourselves, us.

Question: Who is the director?

Answer: It is the program.


71. The shrewd person only cares about immediate benefit; the wise one plans for the future.


72. People play all kinds of tricks to hook fish and Satan does the same to hook people; fish cannot see the people behind their traps and people cannot not see Satan behind his traps.


73. Man is absolutely not the result of random evolution, but has been created by angels according to the will of the Greatest Creator.


74. There are no wronged lives or souls in the universe, and here are reasons why

  • The Greatest Creator is equitable and never treats anyone unjustly.
  • The operation of Tao is meticulous and accurate, “Divine punishments, though slow, are always sure, with big meshes yet letting nothing slip through”.
  • Punishments and rewards are meted out accurately by Karma; “weal and woe are not predestined, you cause them yourself ”.
  • Reality is the projection of one’s own consciousness.
  • Understand that what we are receiving in this life is the result of what we have done in previous lives and that what we are doing now will decide what we will receive in future lives.
  • The Law of Attraction reveals that those with the same frequency will resonate with each other, “birds of a feather flock together”, those with the same ideas will be attracted to each other, and those in the same boat will share their weal and woe.
  • Minds are the most important of the Three Realms, and consciousness is the most important of all rules.
  • the sum of negative and positive energy always equal zero, the losses and gains remain in balance, and you will always gain something when you lose something but lose something when you gain something.


75. Intelligence is blinded by benefit; minds are blinded by intelligence; our nature is blinded by our minds.


76. Do not offer help if someone does not ask for it, but help at the first moment he does.



77. Dharma has no set rules, nondharma is dharma; form has no set shape, nonform is form.


78. Keep the core principle but change the others according to the situation.


79. Low wisdom is characterized by rashness; medium wisdom by competition; great wisdom acts foolishly; and supreme wisdom is formless. Solve contradictions with formless wisdom, and dissolve all visible conflicts and contradictions with intangible thinking. Low wisdom is kept busy mapping out systems, medium wisdom is occupied with perfecting laws and regulations, great wisdom is preoccupied with spiritual civilization, and supreme wisdom roams freely and unrestrainedly in the spiritual world


80. Little changes occur gradually but great changes happen instantaneously.


81. Quiet places are free from misfortune, but bustling places may breed disaster.


82. When you are on the wrong path, the faster you walk, the greater will be your losses to endure; When you are on the right path, you will have taken the best shortcut, even if you encounter temporary setbacks, frost and severe cold


83. All theories and viewpoints are suitable for only particular spatiotemporal environments and are only applicable under specific conditions; as environments change, either time and space change or conditions change, such theories or viewpoints must not be applied blindly and mechanically.


84. Times are changing, ideas are changing, lifestyles are changing, and the way that husband and wife get along should also change. Change is the only constant in life


85. Happiness always belongs to those who conform to the trends of the times and act according to changing circumstances. While affliction will always be visited upon those who stick to traditions without considering the changes or even fearing them


86. Any day could be the last day of your life. So, get things done as best as you can and leave no regrets behind.


 87. Thinking has these eight ladders:

  1. Material thinking
  2. Image thinking
  3. Associative thinking 
  4. Illusive thinking
  5. Visualized thinking
  6. Taiji thinking 
  7. Non-form thinking 
  8. Holographic thinking 


88. Wisdom is divided into these five levels in increasing order:

  • Human eyes wisdom
  • Deva eyes wisdom
  • Wisdom eyes wisdom
  • Dharma eyes wisdom
  • Buddha eyes wisdom


89. That which can be imagined in one’s mind basically has existence.


90. Nothing is ever impossible in the universe, but has only not yet been realized or transformed by thinking.


91. Tao, virtue, benevolence, righteousness, and courtesy:

  • Having obtained Tao, take no account of virtue.
  • Having obtained virtue, take no account of benevolence.
  • Having obtained benevolence, take no account of righteousness.
  • Having obtained righteousness, take no account of courtesy.


  • Lacking Tao, attach importance to virtue.
  • Lacking virtue, attach importance to benevolence.
  • Lacking benevolence, attach importance to righteousness.
  • Lacking righteousness, attach importance to courtesy. 


92. Form gives birth to mind, but mind can transcend over form.


93. Humans have three origins: the origin from the pyramid, the origin from the Garden of Eden, and the origin from the reincarnation of the dragon


94. Negative, passive, and pessimistic words, moods, and consciousnesses will bring pain, misfortune, and disaster; being alive, one should remain positive, active, and optimistic.


95. The bewilderment of ones self comes from the bewilderment of their consciousness; the bewilderment of life results from the disorder of ones consciousness. Our suffering derives mainly from the suffering of our consciousness, and all our uncertainties result from our unclear consciousnesses— we do not know ourselves or what we really want.


96. It is only if we express ourselves clearly that the universe will better cooperate with us. If we do not understand ourselves clearly, the universe will be unable to cooperate with us. The Greatest Creator helps those who help themselves. Never expect help from immortals or emperors without your own effort.


97. The greater the energy, the less visible a thing will be; the smaller the energy, the more tangible it will be.


98. The three constituent elements of the universe are: consciousness, structure, and energy.


99. Everyone should beautify their soul garden by getting rid of the following poisonous weeds and barnyard grasses:

Jealousy, selfishness, anger, hatred, complaining, comparing, cursing, worrying, anxiety, fear, dishonesty, wickedness, ugliness, lies, sloppiness, hypocrisy, laziness, greed, avid possession, forced occupation, desire to excel over others, belligerence, exculpation, disputing, and other toxic weeds and barnyard grasses.

Rather, the following beautiful flowers and greens should be planted:

sincerity, kindness, virtue, love, faith, honesty, peace, diligence, bravery, unselfishness, devotion, service, care, tolerance, consideration, compassion, mercy, and other beautiful flowers and plants.


100. Affection, love and sex are precious gifts bestowed upon us by the Greatest Creator. We are supposed to bloom and fully enjoy their pleasures and sweetness.

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  1. “3.Let everyone live well: the aged, the children, the widowed, the orphans, the disabled; not only ordinary people, but presidents as well; not only the rich, but prisoners in jail as well, even livestock, domestic fowl, and wild animals.”

    —— I hope so! Pray for such a day coming soon!

  2. What money can buy is not precious, but what money cannot buy is a treasure.—–let’s find some fun by listing things that of above two category. Money can buy: house, car, food, compay…. Money cannot buy: Sun, life, friendship, love,health, happyiness…..

  3. “What money can buy is not precious, but what money cannot buy is a treasure.”All treasures are given from the Greatest Creator.

  4. you chinese fools have had your souls and FREEDOM destroyed by communism.
    now you want to bring this SHITTY CULT TO CANADA?

    • Lifechanyuan Celestials are globalism, our mission and wish is to bring peace and harmony to all human being. Hope you can give more reasonable and careful consideration, then you can have an objective and fair judgement.

    • I believe no one will reject a better world with more peace and joy, no matter he/she is a Chinese, Canadian, American or African….We all are the citizen of this earth, good wishes for the wellbeing of this earth and its children should be encouraged, not criticized.

      Wish you joy and peace.

    • How rude your words are. I think you misunderstood the true meaning of our communism in Lifechanyuan. I hope you can have a patient heart to know more about us. May peace be with you.

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