Lifechanyuan Overview

written by Deiform Buddha on Sep 23, 2005

Take a broad view and you will see faraway mountains are fresh and green.

Stay and study in Lifechanyuan will a new life begin. You will see clear paradise scenes.

Lifechanyuan is the home of spirit and mind, the habitat of the exhausted human life, the desert oasis for the ordinary, kind, honest, hardworking and intelligent people, the institute to understand the implication and significance of life and the transit station to the Heaven.

Lifechanyuan follows the path of the Greatest Creator, and the core value of Lifechanyuan is revere the Greatest Creator, revere LIFE, revere nature and create Lifechanyuan era.

When you feel exhausted, anxious and confused in this mortal life, you can take some time to Lifechanyuan to drink a cup of tea, take a rest, recover from fatigue state, chat, listen to other people’s perception of life, and experience the quiet and peaceful atmosphere and find out whether there are indeed some unworldly higher beings.

The universe has 36-dimensional spaces, and each space is a huge world, among which includes supreme level, middle level and lower level LIFE space. Lifechanyuan will show you the secrets of different space levels and escort you to set foot on the super time and space road toward the beautiful, picturesque and fascinating the Thousand-year world, the Ten-thousand-year world and the Elysium world through its explanations on the universe, time and space.

Human life is full of misfortune, pain, regret and frustration; worry and sadness has always tangled us; many puzzling mysteries of human life make us feel contradictory; unpredictable situations and unexpected good or bad fortune make us anxious; undesirable and troublesome things often make us sleepless; disease and hunger often threatens us; from time to time the complicated and changeable interpersonal relationships entrap us into the painful abyss; the survival competition oppresses us and makes our exhausted body fall into the grief vortex one after another; why is our life like this? Why are we always stuck in a dilemma hard to get out? Why can’t we control the path of our own life?

For thousands of years, the wise people have been working hard to seek the answers. the sages such as Jesus, Sakyamuni, Mohammed, Lao Tzu from one generation after another had paid their painstaking efforts for us; Marx, Lenin, Mao Zedong, Thomas Jefferson, Lincoln had worked so hard for us. All of them tried to create a peaceful world in which everyone are equal and happy; the great sages such as Moses, St. Paul, Maha Villa, Zoroaster, Mani, Vardhamana, Dante, Seth had endured the hardships and advised us in earnest in order to lead us into a happy homeland; but the real answer seems to be still far away from us, and we still need to go a long journey, step by step, to approach the other side of truth.

The development of science provides us with the keys to the door of truth; the great masters of science such as Einstein, Newton, Galileo, Faraday, Stephen Hawking had paved the steps for us to approach the door of truth; the great inventors such as Edison, Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Bill Gates had created the practical tools for us; the great masters such as Plato, Ibn Sina , Zhu Xi, Aristotle, René Descartes, Bacon, including Adam Smith, Rousseau, Voltaire, Malthus, Darwin, Freud had equipped us with necessary rational thinking tools. Now it is the time for us to carry on the past heritage and open up the future, to reform radically and absorb all the essence of human wisdom so as to create a new era.

Lifechanyuan not only aims to solve the problems such as: whether there is the Greatest Creator, the origin of LIFE and universe, the inevitable and occasional, the problem of karma, the problem of past life and afterlife and the problem of whether there is God, Buddha, Celestial Being, but more importantly is to show everyone the optimal life, relief pains in human life, guide everyone towards the supreme LIFE spaces, so as to make life bloom forever with the beautiful flowers in the eternal time-space.

The establishment of Lifechanyuan is an unprecedented huge project, in which dozens or hundreds of individuals are powerless, and a single nation or a country is far from competent, and the common wisdom and knowledge can barely do much about this issue. What we need are hundreds and thousands of people with the highest spirituality and wisdom from different nationalities to play the roles of leaders. I sincerely hope the secluded people in this world, religious figures, presidents, Nobel Prize winners, billionaires, scientists, entrepreneurs, literati, ordinary civil servants, teachers, workers, peasants, soldiers, businessmen, etc., including the homeless tramp will participate in this project, as long as you can explain any issue about the universe, time-space, human life etc., and no others can refute your theory, then you are eligible to be in the leadership of Lifechanyuan.

Lifechanyuan does not belong to any country, any nation, any religion, any political party, group or individual, so it plans to set up branches worldwide.

Lifechanyuan is not a religion, so there is no special ceremony and requirements; Lifechanyuan is not a company, so it will not involve any business activities aiming for profits; Lifechanyuan is not a political party, so it neither has a constitution nor participates in any political activities.

People who participate in the leadership work of Lifechanyuan will not receive any material benefits. However, your great wisdom and virtue of selfless dedication will be honored and admired, and your name will be engraved on the milestone in Lifechanyuan to be remembered forever!

The main contents of Lifechanyuan

“Unconventional Thinking”, “The Greatest Creator”, “Time, Space, and the Universe”, “Humanity and Human Life”, “LIFE”, “Preaching Dao”, “Revelation”,”Wisdom”, “Self-Improvement and Self-cultivation”,  “Celestial Cultivation”, “The Attainment of Buddhahood”,  “The Nonmaterial World”,”Physical and Spiritual Healthcare”, “XueFeng Corpus”, “Chanyuan celestial Corpus” etc.

Initial Speech

A sailing boat loaded with new life is on sail, a new era is coming!

We are in an era of global economy development, material prosperity, spiritual poverty and soul gloomy, an era focusing on pragmatism, materialization, and an era of no belief.

It is a glorious mission for each sage to cultivate conscience, educate people, plant civilization and enlighten minds. It is the call of the times to build a spiritual and psychical home worldwide.

The greatest thought is the rational thinking, and the power of reason is the strongest ruling force for humankind. Comparing with the 36-dimensional spaces, our human beings are living in a very narrow world. It is necessary for us to tell those barbaric people the huge universal system and it is also necessary for everybody to know the answer to the question “Why should I be me? What do I live for?”

A great era needs to be guided by a great thought. Without a powerful spiritual support and a liberated soul, the economic development will only cause the widespread depravity and decadence of human being.

We are enlightened by the rational thinking of sages in all ages, yet none of the past great men’s thinking is able to meet the spiritual and psychical need of the people today. All religions have made indelible contributions to the development of human civilization. But each has its own time limitations and can not serve as guidance for humankind today.

If a theory or a thought exists for more than one thousand of years, and still can not bring peace and stability to the world, nor bring happiness and joy to every life, then we have to be skeptical about this.

If a theory, or a thought, is not accepted by people willingly, instead, if it is accepted in a fog either by using state machinery, or some kind of forces or institution, or in seditious, abetting, or deceptive ways, or through material temptations, promising people with a better future but unable to make it clear what kind of scenario it is, we have to think about these deeply.

If a theory, or thought, can not make people enjoy the joy of this present life, rather, believes that only sufferings can ensure the otherworldly well-being; then this theory either is used as a deception, or it is immoral.

Before everything is clarified, we must first believe in science, be practical, realistic, and believe in logics. We believe that only those who stand on the peak of science are people closest to the truth.

It can not be denied that, the great souls are beyond science, time and space. Their thoughts can not be generally accepted by ordinary people, and this is why the great souls are lamentable and lonely.

If the great souls can not bring actual happiness and hope for the future, then they are worthless.

Lifechanyuan is a place gathered with great souls. Great souls do not come from the low-level life spaces, and neither from the middle- level life spaces, but from the supreme level life spaces. As early as before World War I, nearly ten thousands advanced souls-the great souls, have descended from the Thousand-year world, the Ten-thousand-year world, and the Elysium world.

Today, in the name of Lifechanyuan, I was permitted to come here to summon you-the great souls. I wish to tell you, your presence in the Man’s world is not to enjoy the happiness; rather you are to explain the secrets of the universe and the meaning of life, to save the suffering people in the world, and to let people enjoy worldly happiness and joy generation after generation.

You have to call an end to your transmigration in Man’s world, because after three times of transmigration, your will get your nature lost and you will never find the road to “home”.

You should try to remember the missions given to you in Heaven before you left for Man’s world. You should know clearly that, The Greatest Creator loves human beings, cares for human beings. Mankind must be saved from catastrophe before material prosperity and moral degradation, in order to avoid the tragedy of flood in Noah’s times.

“When people have no fear of force, Then (as is the common practice) great force descends” People have to know what it implies.

Henry Van Dyke, an American author, educator, poet, playwright, and clergyman, once said:” Men of privilege without power are waste material. Men of enlightenment without influence are the poorest kind of rubbish. Men of intellectual and moral and religious culture, who are not active forces for good in society, are not worth what is a cost to produce and keep them.”

You are great souls with great thoughts. If you are a president, you are not a great soul if you only consider the benefits of your own political party, group, and even personal interests, rather than the benefits of all people. If you received tertiary or above education, but you focus only on personal gain and live without serious ambition instead of serving the human world with your knowledge, you are not a great soul. If you have gained wealth from the world but never thought of paying back to the world, you’re just a poor soul. If you are a government officer, but you only care how to get promotion and rich, or make your ancestors illustrious, rather than bringing benefits to the ordinary people, you’re also just a poor soul. If you have made some achievements and stop to make advancement, leading a befuddled life and intoxicating yourself in sensual pleasures, you are not a great soul either.

The great souls will be brought to the supreme level life spaces and the inferior souls will be thrown into the low-level life spaces. Nobody is willing to display the excrement in the toilet in the living room and put the good wine and dainty dishes into the toilet. This is established among human beings, let alone the order of the Greatest Creator.

Only when people around him are happier than himself can the great soul find peace in mind. Only when we selflessly devote our wisdom to human society can our souls be eligible to enter the supreme life spaces.

Take a broad view and you will see faraway mountains are fresh and green. You must open the window of the soul, and look into the future.

For thousands of years, humans have been groping forward and have lost themselves, without knowing there are mountains outside mountains and there are spaces outside spaces, suffering unnecessary grief and sorrows and not knowing the secret of life, innumerable kind people are trampling the life of themselves and even others; not revering The Greatest Creator, innumerable people can only repeated transmigration in middle or lower level of life or have to follow the wrong guidance blindly because of the absence of a great wisdom.

Few people ever ask themselves: Why should I be busy as a bee all day long? Does it have anything to do with the meaning of my life? What’s the difference between me and a rushing ant?

People who are living by instinct, fame, and emotional life can only repeat their mistakes falling into the same old trap forever. The frog at the bottom of the well always regards its place as the ocean and its vision as the entire blue sky. People who are living the intellectual life can enjoy thousands of rivers and mountains. But people who are living the spiritual life can travel through constraints of time and space and appreciate the charming and infinite scenery in the vast expanse of the universe.

So please do not lead a fuddled life in the middle or lower spaces. Do not fight, kill, plunder or rob in the secular perplexities! Do not moan and groan in the vortex of thinking! Do not continue to destroy lives by ultimately harming yourself! The boat of Lifechanyuan will be fully loaded with people with wisdom and spiritual nature for the sea of truth, to enjoy the real pleasure of life.

The Greatest Creator is impartial, because he has strictly arranged the program for where they should based on their conducts in man’s world. Those with superior spiritual nature will go to the supreme life spaces and the less superior spiritual nature will have to go to the lower life spaces.

Tao is impartial, because it has recorded every conduct of people.

All those who want to act in accordance with the law of The Greatest Creator and those who want to pursue the truth, please dedicate your talents and wisdoms! Please be a member of the sages in Lifechanyuan! If you think you can be a sage, please come and be Invisible Saint and Visible Saint in Lifechanyuan! If you think you are able to take the position of Space Master, please come and be one bravely! If you are able to undertake the missions as a Light Messenger, then be one! If you are able to lead a branch of Lifechanyuan, why don’t you give a try? If you have possessed excellent morality, then try to be a Chanyuan Celestial.

Do not moan or groan on the injustice around you! Do not let your wisdom and intelligence quench slowly! Do not think yourself a failure! Do not stay at home and endure those stupid scolding! Lifechanyuan is an entirety; it will make your life send out colorful aura; and at that time, you will find that you are not the man that you imagined before. As long as you strive for these, you will win the favor from The Greatest Creator and people!

The boat of new life is launching. All those who are willing to follow Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Lao Tzu and other saints and sages; all those who are willing to explore the profound mystery of time and space; all those who want to go to the supreme life space; all those who possess the ability of telepathy, please come on board! Lifechanyuan is bound to bring you to a boundless and marvelous place in which you will have infinite yearning in your dream, a place beyond your imagination and never heard of, where you will be happy, excited, and relaxed, and a place to entrust your life.

The Greatest Creator is with me, and The Greatest Creator will be with you!

You get peaceful mind through mediation under moonlight,

You will find the truth in Lifechanyuan after the long journey of life.

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