By Xuefeng  on Sept. 19, 2023


There are four benefits for wealthy investors in participating in our community’s development:

Honored Status: The Chanyuan Celestials will regard you as an esteemed benefactor, akin to family.

Access to Community Benefits: 

  • You will have the privilege to stay in the community at any time, enjoying all the community’s benefits free of charge. These benefits include room and board, hygiene services, laundry, hairdressing, Wi-Fi access, and participation in community events and recreational activities.
  • Family Accommodation: You can bring your family to stay in the community for short periods, and the cost of room and board during their stay will be covered by the community.
  • Profit-sharing through Investment: Your investment will be calculated in the form of shares, and you will receive dividends based on the proportion of your investment in the community’s income.


Wealthy individuals interested in investing in the community must adhere to the following regulations:

  • Minimum Investment: The minimum investment amount is 200,000 Canadian dollars.
  • Investment as Shares: Investments are only in the form of shares. The community does not hold a board of directors. While you can propose suggestions regarding management, you do not have voting or executive rights. You cannot interfere with the community’s management.
  • No Withdrawal for Three Years: Once invested, you cannot withdraw your investment within three years.


Profit-sharing for investors is as follows:

Because of the presence of investors, the community’s financial activities are managed in a business-like manner. Every expenditure and income record is clear and transparent. All of the community’s expenses, including personnel salaries, are fully covered by the community. Therefore, the community’s net income is calculated with 30% going to the investors and 70% to the community, with the investors’ 30% divided according to the proportion of all investors. (Here’s an explanation: the community’s net income, referred to as “pure income,” is the revenue minus taxes without considering costs. For example, if we sell goods worth 10 yuan, pay taxes of 1.6 yuan, the pure income is 8.4 yuan. Investors share 30% of this 8.4 yuan, which is 2.52 yuan. The community’s expenses like labor and transportation costs are not included, so investors only gain profits without bearing any losses.)

The above information serves as a response to questions from potential investors. Please review whether this response is suitable and if there are any loopholes.

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