by Xuefeng December 25, 2017

This age of humans has existed for five thousand years, but most people are constantly living in states of anxiety, worry, pain, and fear, and whether they are African, Asian, North or South American, European, or Oceanian. This is an abnormal phenomenon, is there not a solution to let each person on the earth live happily and freely?

Yes, there is one! It is to change the traditional lifestyle and production mode, and especially to change traditional marriage and family patterns.

Here is how to change them:     

  1. Those who love peace and are willing to dedicate their lives to the well being of humanity should give up their small family lives and move into the International Family to set examples for everyone else in the world.
  2. The communities which want to eliminate human suffering most seriously need to unite and form an International Family. These communities would thus become members of the bigger International Family.
  3. The communities need to transfer and exchange members among each other.
  4. When a community encounters natural disasters or social unrest, all other communities need to offer assistance.

I have researched this plan and explored how to make sure that it can be implemented smoothly and developed well for the last eighteen (18) years and have written approximately two thousand (2000) articles about it. The Third Edition of “800 Values for New Era Human Being” is the essence of these articles. I founded the New Oasis for Life (then, the Second Home of Lifechanyuan) in 2009, and after eight years practice, it has proven to be a total success. This is to say that when people let go of their traditional marriages and families and start living in bigger communities, all of their worries, anxiety, and the like disappear, and they begin to live happily, freely, and with joy and peace.

I have realized solutions to all the material requirements of the International Family, including the supply and distribution of food, shelter, clothing, and transportation. Even if we face new challenges, I believe they will be overcome and solved satisfactorily by collective intelligence.

My plan is to build two hundred fifty-six (256) communities like the New Oasis for Life around the world. These communities will unite as one International Family and will be centrally coordinated. They will share resources, support each other, and exchange members. Once this happens, the sufferings of humanity will end and we will see a beautiful era that will last for a millenium.


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