18 Traditional Values Subverted by Lifechanyuan

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 Written by Xue Feng on Oct 24th, 2007

1. In traditional concept, family is the source of happy life, while in the opinion of Lifechanyuan, family is the miserable source of humanity and human life.

2. Traditional concept considers that LIFE is the result of evolution or is created by Gods; Lifechanyuan proclaims LIFE is created by Super Celestial Beings led by Gods according to the design of the Greatest Creator.

3. Traditional concept considers the Greatest Creator exist naturally and forever; Lifechanyuan proclaims that the Greatest Creator comes from Taiji that changed from Wuji.

4. Traditional concept considers God is the Greatest Creator; Lifechanyuan proclaims that God is created by the Greatest Creator. And all Gods are the sons of the Greatest Creator.

5. Traditional concept considers Sakyamuni is the Ancestor of Buddha; and Lifechanyuan proclaims Sakyamuni is not the Ancestor of Buddha, while the Greatest Creator is the Ancestor of Buddha.

6. Traditional concept considers universe comes from the Big Bang; while Lifechanyuan proclaims it is the outcome of the Greatest Creator’s consciousness.

7. Traditional concept considers Adam and Eve were the ancestors of all humanity; while Lifechanyuan proclaims they are not the ancestors of all human beings but are just the ancestors of Israel and Middle East regions.

8. Traditional concept considers Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism are the core of Chinese cultural; Lifechanyuan proclaims the Holographic order consciousness is the core of Chinese cultural.

9. Traditional concept considers that moon is formed naturally; while Lifechanyuan proclaims that moon is specially produced by Super Celestial Beings and then is “installed” in the universe for the human being.


10. Traditional concept considers the self-refiners and self-improvers need to abstain from love; while Lifechanyuan proclaims love is a precious gift endowed by the Greatest Creator, and people should fully enjoy love.

11. Traditional concept has a blurry cognition on Heaven; Lifechanyuan has a clear cognition on Heaven.

12. Traditional concept thinks that self-refining and self-improving require adopting the serious and ascetic method; Lifechanyuan proclaims that self-refining and self-improving should adopt the methods aiming at joy and happiness.

13. Traditional concept thinks the beautiful future need to be created by working; while Lifechanyuan proclaims that the beautiful future depends on the creation of mind.

14. Traditional concept thinks that the memory of people exists in brain; while Lifechanyuan proclaims the memory of people does not exist in brain but in sub-consciousness, and sub-consciousness does not exist in human body but in  the space and time of the universe.

15. Traditional concept thinks the existence determines consciousness; while Lifechanyuan proclaims consciousness determines existence.

16. Traditional concept thinks that LIFE will receive the final judgment; Lifechanyuan proclaims there is no final judgment; and judgment goes on at every moment; LIFE will not be judged by the Greatest Creator, Gods, Buddha or King of Hell but the Tao of the Greatest Creator. The Tao of the Greatest Creator operates at every moment.

17. Traditional concept thinks the Greatest Creator can talk to people directly or never talk to people; Lifechanyuan proclaims that everything is the words of the Greatest Creator; all the changing phenomena are the conversations between the Greatest Creator and people; and the people who can read the wordless book can directly talk to the Greatest Creator.

18. Traditional concept thinks Satan is a demon and an enemy of the Greatest Creator; Lifechanyuan proclaims Satan is a God, and he is a firm supporter to maintain the symmetry and balance of universal LIFE order.

In fact, hundreds and thousands of traditional values need to be subverted by Lifechanyuan; I just put forward 18 for you to think, and you will have to summarize the rest by yourselves.

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