Visit Friends of Nearby Organic Farm

The second Thailand branch Thaton ecovillage:

Noy, who is full of love and helpfulness,, gave free haircuts to the wokers and customers on the nearby organic farm.  The farm is lively, clean and tidy, the soil is clumpy, and the composting is professional. Every time we go, we admire the owner’s ability. Knowing our strong admiration for her,the owner of the farm said she would like to teach us. The next day she came to our eco-village to teach and show us personally how to improve the soil for seven days, how to use lactic acid bacteria to add nutrients to the soil, how to germinate lettuce, and welcome us to her farm at any time to learn the planting experience. To express her gratitude, Noy made them delicious Thai food and I made traditional Chinese food buns and pancakes to entertain them.


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