Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un to meet in Singapore on 12 June

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un will meet in Singapore on 12 June

Thursday 10 May 2018

Confirming the news in a tweet, the President wrote: “We will both try to make it a very special moment for World Peace.”

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un will meet for their historic summit on 12 June, the President has confirmed.

In a tweet, Mr Trump wrote: “The highly anticipated meeting between Kim Jong Un and myself will take place in Singapore on June 12th. We will both try to make it a very special moment for World Peace.”

Earlier in the week, the US President had ruled out meeting Mr Kim at the demilitarised zone which separates North and South Korea.

He’d said he favoured holding the meeting at the heavily fortified border but Singapore was preferred by most of his advisers.

South Korean leader Moon Jae-in met with his North Korean counterpart at the Peace House building, in the demilitarised village of Panmunjom, at the end of April.

He told reporters at the White House on Wednesday: “People never thought you were going to have a situation where were having serious and positive communications with North Korea. And we are.

“What happens? Who knows. We have a chance at something very great for the world.”

In the early hours of Thursday morning, Mr Trump welcomed home the three Americans released by Pyongyang – and said it was a “great honour” to greet them at Andrews airbase near Washington.

The President said relations with the secretive state were “starting off on a new footing” and said Mr Kim had done a “wonderful thing” letting the men go.

However, the US Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said the release of detained American citizens from North Korea was ‘no great accomplishment’ of Mr Kim.

Mr Schumer warned Mr Trump against striking a “quick” and “bad” deal with the country.

The Americans should never have been detained in the first place, Mr Schumer said on the Senate floor. “Their release should not be exalted, it should be expected. It is no great accomplishment of Kim Jong Un to do this.”

Until recently, Mr Kim and Mr Trump had been trading personal insults and threats, heightening tensions over North Korea’s nuclear programme.


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