Spring Comes and it’s Collective Labor Time

reported by Xuefeng on April 26, 2023

The ice and snow in the northern regions have already melted, and the grass and trees are starting to turn green. The birds have returned, chirping and fluttering about on the lawn! Dozens of geese have already made the hospital’s lawn their playground, leisurely strolling and foraging there every day. Outdoor work has also begun. Last Friday, we labored together, clearing fallen trees from the forest. Huiyi removed many stones obstructing the lawnmower on the lawn, fertilized and watered the roses. Unfortunately, many labor scenes were not captured in time. Yesterday, E Huang designed a plan to dismantle a row of old wooden fences near the main gate, replacing them with iron wire fencing. It looks much more pleasing!

As long as chanyuan celestials are together, no matter how many people there are, collective labor turns into a fun and entertaining activity. We complete our work while chatting and laughing!



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