Welcome Gesang Brother to Our Thailand Home!

Reported by Qianzi Celestial on June 7, 2024
Thank Greatest Creator for His blessings and protection. On the end of last month, Yang Le, Jiao’e, and Qianzi successfully obtained student visas that allow them to continue living in Thailand for fifteen months.
On June 3rd, Gesang Celestial from Myanmar arrived at the Thailand Home. Along with Lanka Grass, the Thailand Home welcomed its second foreign chanyuan member. Like Lanka, Gesang has good temperament and manners. He is calm, quiet, hardworking, kind, and humble. His behavior is gentle and polite, and he does physical labor well. The responsible big brother who takes care of his siblings, earning everyone’s respect and love at the Thailand Home.
A benefactor in Bangkok has set aside over 100 acres of Abbot‘s Garden to grow green beans on a large scale. The excavator has uprooted the trees and bamboo from the allocated land. This week, our main task is to help transplant the uprooted trees to other areas of the garden. Yang Le and a few members also helped Abbot pick some mangoes. The mung beans planted by Roumei and Qu Dan a few months ago have been harvested, and Qu Dan has installed fiber optic internet in the house where Jiao’e, Bai Chuan, and Yi Xian live.
The weather during the rainy season is cool and comfortable, the air is fresh and pleasant, and the blue sky with its romantic and gentle clouds paints a beautiful picture. The green grass, leisurely cows, the figures of brothers and sisters working together, and their lovely, sweat-filled smiles create a series of enchanting pastoral scenes.
With a beautiful natural environment, a harmonious and auspicious human environment, and daily loving meals prepared by our chef Yulin, this wonderful life makes the brothers and sisters so happy that they just want to hum with joy.

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