Lifechanyuan Canada’s New Home Awaits You

Lifechanyuan has established a new home in British Columbia, Canada, at Escott Bay Resort, situated by Anahim Lake. You can ask ChatGPT for information or search online to see images. We will begin operations in May.
If you have a general understanding of Lifechanyuan and its new life in the Second Home and wish to participate, this is an excellent opportunity to completely change the trajectory of your life and LIFE future. There is a lifestyle here completely different from traditional ones. Stepping into this way of life is like stepping into the gates of heaven, with benefits beyond imagination.
We need 2-3 people to assist me in managing this resort, primarily welcoming and hosting guests who come for accommodation, camping, boating, and fishing, as well as cleaning and organizing guest rooms and beautifying the environment. The lifestyle follows the model of Lifechanyuan’s Second Home.
Whether you are European, African, Asian, or American, as long as you are healthy and under 58 years old, and wish to become immortal, you can apply to come. Ideally, you are in Canada or have a means to come to Canada. We hope that you can volunteer with us for at least two months (three weeks for volunteers from outside Canada based on Immigration rules), during which we will provide accommodation, food, and daily necessities. If you enjoy it here and the lifestyle of the Second Home, and are willing to live in the home long-term, you can apply to become a member of the Lifechanyuan family.
If you wish to become a member of Lifechanyuan international family and are eager to volunteer at the resort, please contact any of the following Lifechanyuan members:
Lifechanyuan Thailand Branch:
Contact: Qianzi
Facebook: Celestial Qianzi
WhatsApp: +66 909430206
Contact: Jiejing
Facebook: Jena Jiejing
Whatsapp:+86 18360703827
Lifechanyuan Canada Headquarters:
Contact: Tongxin (Julia Yan)
Cell: +1 236-991-8028
WhatsApp: +1 236 991 8028
Lifechanyuan South Korea Branch:
Contact: Taiji, Wannian
KakaoTalk: 2023jeju
WeChat: taiji8081
I am waiting for you at Escott Bay Resort, British Columbia, Canada.
Founder of Lifechanyuan
April 7, 2024

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