The Mode of the New Oasis for Life will Solve Twenty-one Difficulties that Mankind is Facing


written by Xuefeng on June 27th, 2020

(Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer)

Whether we call it Utopia, New Eden Garden, Kingdom of the Greatest Creator, or Xuefeng-style communism, Lifechanyuan’s new mode of production and life in the New Oasis for Life will solve these twenty one problems that have been handed to us over thousands of years of human history:

  1. It will free women from their daily trivial chores forever.
  2. The elderly will lead their happiest lives in old age whether they have children and receive pensions or not.
  3. The phenomenon of orphans will disappear forever; all children will lead lives full of love and care and will be well-educated.
  4. The phenomena of people remaining unattached and lonely will disappear forever.
  5. Domestic violence will disappear completely.
  6. The conflicts among religions and belief systems will end forever.
  7. Political parties will have no purpose, so competitions among them will disappear.
  8. All people will be able to travel throughout the world freely and without restrictions.
  9. Military expenditures will be reduced to zero because there will be no militaries
  10. Border and land disputes between states will no longer exist.
  11. Regional and ethnic conflicts will no longer exist and peace will abound everywhere.
  12. Drug abuse and gambling will disappear completely.
  13. Official corruption will disappear completely, as officials will have neither need nor ways to corrupt.
  14. No wealth disparities will exist as everyone will have everything yet own nothing.
  15. Courts, lawyers, and legal systems will die out gradually as they will no longer be needed.
  16. Criminal activities will be reduced by three quarters and security will be greatly enhanced.
  17. The population will stabilize without sharp increase and decrease and will be in balance with planetary resources.
  18. Atmospheric pollution as well as that in all water and on the earth will disappear.
  19. Extinction of species will end and many lost ones will return.
  20. Climatic disasters will no longer occur and distinct seasons with consistent climate will become normal.
  21. At least half of the people will sublimate into angels, bodhisattvas, celestial beings, and Buddhas.

Do not take this as a joke or myth or consider it an armchair strategy. It has been the firm evidence of Lifechanyuan’s theories and the model of the New Oasis for Life which have been existing and developing for ten years; it is the ideal that mankind can fully realize. Whether you wish or not, and believe it or not, mankind has been bound to and is entering into the Lifechanyuan Era:  Everything is running according to procedure.

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