The Song of the Universe —on Lifechanyuan Era (1)

written by Xuefeng on Dec 6th, 2006 

There is only one sun shining on the earth, only one moon touching the earth, and only one God for the human beings——the Greatest Creator. We are the children of the Greatest Creator regardless of our races.

We are on the same spaceship so our destiny is bounded up closely. We are all related to each other. The storm of Cape of Good Hope has close connection with the waving of the butterfly in Alaska; the earthquake beyond thousands of miles correlates to the test in laboratory; a sneeze of an American president can result in the uproar of the global media; the bird flu can result in panic throughout the world.

It is a historical necessity for human beings to enter into Lifechanyuan. The age of divisions of the country won’t exist for a long time; it is a symbol of ignorance to cut the planet into pieces, and ruling separately.

The desire for peace is a common aspiration for all human beings. They wish to live together harmoniously regardless of race, ethnic, region and polity; they wish there will be no oppression, exploitation, force and discrimination; they wish human beings can undertake the difficulties, enjoy the happiness, and design the future together.

Human being’s fate is controlled by the Greatest Creator. The only way to ensure the sustained happy life is to revere the Greatest Creator and believe in the Greatest Creator. The nature including the evolution of human all are in the same scientific procedure of Dao. The only way to avoid unexpected disaster and calamity and to enjoy the long-term peace and good life as well as to celebrate the world as one is to follow Dao.

The appearance, application and popularization of network are prelude to the coming of the Lifechanyuan era. A new era that Jesus Christ, Buddha, Sakyamuni, Prophet Mohammed, Celestial Lao Tzu look forward to is coming. It is our mission to fulfill the ideal of the ancient saints and sages in history.

It will be a wonderful era without nation, political party, religion and family. Everybody has work to do, house to live and food to eat; everybody is cultivated, everybody follows the principle of Dao. The new era is a melt pot of nationality and culture; “no one pockets anything found on the road, doors unnecessarily to be shut in the evening for no thieves drop in”. All the people will join into one family and one government, all governors are saints and sages; the old and the children are cared by the society; the death of the old and the education of the young are undertook by the society; the disease and disaster are resolved by the society. In addition, in age of new era, the romantic life is free and open all over the world; Black can love white and yellow; white can love black and yellow; yellow can also love white and black. War and famine will disappear; people no longer damage and misuse nature, no longer suffer the hurt and pain made by men.

It is pathetic for those who just live for himself; it is miserable to those who are only busy for their own family in their lifetime; it is selfish and superficial for those who live for their own nation, political party and religion; it is shortsighted and unworthy of praising for those who live for their own country; only those who live for the happiness and pleasure of all human beings in the planet are saints and sages and worth to be praised. Everybody, especially educated men, should understand these principles, offer services to humankind, dedicate your talent and knowledge to the children of the Greatest Creator and to those who are suffering from physical, mentally and psychological selflessly, relieve human beings from misfortune.

All people with power, wealth, education, fame and self-refinement should show mercy, bring light to the world as possible as they can, bring hope, consolation, courage and power to those who are suffering in physical, mental and spiritual, and make the world better. The merits you have done will be recorded in your nonmaterial structure of life. The Greatest Creator is fair; Dao will reward what you have done ultimately; Heaven’s door will open to you someday.

If we are suffering from physical, mental and spiritual illness or burden and we are kind, hardworking, honest, and credible, our panics and misfortunes are resulted from our imperfect soul. We are still far from perfect. We shouldn’t desire too much; we shouldn’t make meaningless comparisons with others. It is good to be alive. We should be grateful no matter what a simple or hard life we are leading; we should think more about giving, less about claiming; more smiles on face and less unnecessary trouble to our relatives and friends. Lifechanyuan is the homeland of spirit and soul where you can gain respect and see the hope of human life and the life in the future.

More and more talent and wisdom will gather in the Lifechanyuan to serve people. “Many hands make light work”, thousands stream merge into a river; a smile, a praising word, a good deed, any conveniences you provide are merits which we will see remember and feel grateful. We wish the Greatest Creator bless you, we wish you healthy, successful, and happy.

All ways will be one and all the universe will sing together. This is the major trend of social development. Everything is accelerating, so we should quicken our step; the first thing we should do is to change our consciousness; No body put good wine in an old leather bag. The old consciousness can’t adapt the new era. “It is useless to cry over spilt milk”. “God help those who help themselves”. If you want to get rid of the pain and pace with the new era, the only way is to arm yourself with values of Lifechanyuan and to get into Lifechanyuan as soon as possible.

The burden of the Greatest Creator is light and easy. You just need to deepen your understanding, change your concept, perfect your consciousness, feel happy and grateful, dedicate your love selflessly and join into the enjoyment; you don’t have any responsibilities and obligations; you needn’t to gather people to fight against the government; you just need to take things as they come, dispose things as they go, acting follow nature, achieving follow chances.

If our neighbors are crying, we can’t enjoy the life peacefully; if our brothers and sisters are having a hard time, we can’t sleep at ease; if our friends are in trouble, we can’t pretend to be blind and deaf; we can enjoy the true happiness only when we make all people feel happy. Gods, Buddha, Bodhisattva and angels are weeping; the poor are also weeping; we should enjoy less and dedicate more, make the era of Lifechanyuan come earlier, make nature sing, human beings joy and make everything harmony and auspicious.

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