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How to apply for Chanyuan Celestial  


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11/05/2018 1:26 am  

Hello our honor guests and friends,

We welcome Chanyuan Celestials from all over the world. No matter which country, religion, culture, races, or backgrounds you come from, as long as you meet below conditions, you are welcome to apply for chanyuan celestial.  

  • Please ensure that you have read through 800 Values (1-800) and that you do feel resonated with it from your heart.
  • Lifechanyuan Values is a huge theory system which include profound contents on the Greatest Creator, the universe, time and space, Life and LIFE, Soul garden etc., so we suggest you to read more on the Values website and below attached ebooks.

Then if you still feel the drive of joining us and become a Chanyuan celestial, please submit your application here or send it to

The applicant should include the following information:

  • An introduction about yourself
  • Why you want to become a Chanyuan celestial
  • A recent photo of yourself

Please note that you must meet the following requirements to be considered :

  •  You are single or divorced
  •  You are under sixty (60) years of age
  •  You are physically healthy
  •  You are socially free and have few ties to secular society
  •  You have a generally happy life without many worries or pains
  •  You are humble and of good character
  •  You are not a criminal and are not wanted by the law in any country


Ebook of Lifechanyuan Values:








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24/05/2018 1:51 am  

Thanks dear. It is very considerate of you. This is very convenient. 😛